Annual Meeting 2012: Spring in Memphis

Location: Memphis, TN

Mark your calendar! As the last of a series of bicentennial events marking the 200th anniversary of the historic series of strong earthquakes that struck the New Madrid seismic zone in late 1811 and early 1812, the 2012 EERI Annual Meeting will be held April 10-13 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Because of the significance of the anniversary, the Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the National Earthquake Conference (NEC) that is organized every four years by the FEMA consortia, consisting of the Western States Seismic Policy Council (WSSPC), the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC), the Northeast States Emergency Consortium (NESEC), and the Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW). Several members of the EERI New Madrid Regional Chapter will serve on the local organizing committee.

Visit the 2012 Annual Meeting and National Earthquake Conference website for more information!