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Shwebo, Myanmar

November 11, 2012, M 6.8 Earthquake

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M7.4 Earthquake Strikes Guatemala

At 10:35 local time, a Mw 7.4 earthquake struck 35km off the coast near the Guatemala/Mexico border. The area has experienced more than 70 aftershocks. The quake was felt throughout the country and was even felt 600 miles away in Mexico City. Damage was been reported in houses and some municipal buildings. The death toll has risen to 52 deaths with many coming from the city of San Marcos. For more information, visit the LFE event page for this event.

Champerico, Guatemala

November 7, 2012, M 7.4 Earthquake

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(source: Omar G. Flores B.)

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10th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

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EERI Board Statement on Convictions in Italy

November 5, 2012

On October 22nd a judge in L’Aquila Italy found seven scientists, engineers and public officials guilty of manslaughter and sentenced them to six-year prison terms, ordered them to pay $10.1 million to victims, and banned them from public service for life. The seven defendants were members of a government–appointed Commission created to advise the Department of Civil Protection on hazard forecasting and risk prevention. They were charged with manslaughter due to negligence and causing bodily harm as a result of information given to the media after a meeting of the Commission held one week before the earthquake. The defendants will appeal.

Five of the seven defendants are long-time and active members of the earthquake engineering community. Their careers have focused on seismological and engineering research, publication of their findings in journals and popular literature, teaching, improving codes, and public service. One of the defendants, Professor G. Michele Calvi, is a member of EERI.

Based on all the evidence available to date and speaking on behalf of the Institute, the Board of Directors believes the indictment and conviction are misguided, and stands with our member Professor Calvi, and our other colleagues on the commission during this difficult time. The Board expresses its respect for their long service working to improve earthquake safety in Italy and internationally.

The Board also noted that the decision sets a detrimental precedent affecting those who serve on advisory panels and who speak publicly on earthquake risk. The Board notes that seismic mitigation has to be built around a well-informed public, proactive preparedness efforts, and enforcement of existing building codes.  A primary role for scientists and engineers is to help educate the public and we urge our Members to redouble their efforts in this area through careful interactions with the media and public officials.

The Board will review the judge’s written decision once it is handed down and consider additional measures the Institute can take in support our colleagues and to mitigate the harmful impacts of the decision. The Board invites members to comment below on this matter.