EERI Oral History on Ugo Morelli

Earlier this month EERI members (Regular, Young Professional, Retired, Honorary, and Affiliate) received the latest issue in The EERI Oral History Series. Volume 21 features interviews of Ugo Morelli (M. EERI, 1996) by Robert Reitherman (M. EERI, 1979) and a personal introduction by Diana Todd. This volume explores how Morelli went from Intelligence work with the U.S. Army in World War II to a career in emergency management that had great impacts on the field of earthquake engineering.

Ugo MorelliDuring his career, Morelli saw the birth of FEMA, NEHRP, and BSSC. This Oral History includes conversations about Morelli’s childhood in Italy, education at Harvard, and how a temporary job became a thirty-two-year career in emergency management. Read this Oral History to learn more about Morelli’s amazing life and accomplished career in his own words.

EERI Oral History Featuring Ugo Morelli The Ugo Morelli Oral History is also available online as a PDF download here: This volume of The EERI Oral History Series was produced with financial support from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Connections: The EERI Oral History Series, initiated by Stanley Scott, serves to preserve the recollections of those who have had pioneering careers in the field of earthquake engineering. To see the full list of volumes in The EERI Oral History Series, visit