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Cephalonia, Greece

January 26, 2014, M6.0 Earthquake
February 3, 2014, M6.1 Earthquake

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New Post-Graduate Interns – Rosa and Arquimedes


Two new post-graduate interns have joined the EERI office in Oakland, California. The Institute would like to introduce Arquimedes Ponce and Rosa Portugal.

Arquimedes Ponce (M. EERI, 2013) is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. At UC Berkeley, he was a part of the Steel Bridge Competition team, which won first place in the ASCE and AISC sponsored national competition in 2012 and 2013. Arquimedes will be applying to graduate school programs soon and hopes to return to school in the fall of 2014 to pursue a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering.

Rosa Portugal (M. EERI, 2012) recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona where she fell in love with structural engineering. As an EERI intern, she plans to contribute to the many developing projects that will advance the field she will soon join. Looking forward, Rosa will pursue a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on Earthquake Engineering.

The EERI post-graduate interns will work on projects of the Institute including the California Earthquake Clearinghouse, Concrete Coalition, and World Housing Encyclopedia. These projects offer the interns professional experience, exposure to the multidisciplinary aspects of earthquake engineering, and the opportunity to network with others in the profession. Their work benefits EERI’s mission — to gather and disseminate information about earthquake risk reduction and to advocate for realistic measures to reduce the harmful effects of earthquakes.

The Pulse of Earthquake Engineering, Jan. 15, 2014 Issue Available

You may read the January 15, 2014 issue of The Pulse of Earthquake Engineering, EERI’s e-newsletter, at

January 1, 2014 issue of The Pulse of Earthquake Engineering, EERI's email newsletter

EERI Election Results: 2014 President-Elect and Directors

EERI would like to announce the election results for President-Elect and Directors.

Seismologist David WaldStructural Engineer James MalleyProfessor Mary ComerioMary Comerio (M. EERI, 1988) received the endorsement of voters to be EERI’s President-Elect. Comerio is Professor in the Graduate School at UC Berkeley and a faculty member in Architecture since 1978, serving as Chair from 2006 to 2009.

The new EERI Directors are Jim Malley (M. EERI, 1990) and David Wald (M. EERI, 1988). Malley is a Senior Principal with Degenkolb Engineers of San Francisco, California. Wald is a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Golden, Colorado, and is on the Geophysics Faculty at the Colorado School of Mines. Malley and Wald will assume their new posts at the first Board of Directors meeting in 2014.

Ivan WongDavid FriedmanTom TobinThe Institute extends appreciation to Tom Tobin (M. EERI, 1986), Past-President, David Friedman (M. EERI, 1988), Vice President, and Ivan Wong (M. EERI, 1997), Director, for their years of outstanding service and dedication to EERI. Also, thanks to all the EERI members who took the time to consider all the exceptional candidates and cast their votes.

It is not too early to start thinking about next year’s election. The Nominating Committee welcomes suggestions from the membership, including self-nominations. Nominees for director must have been active (or honorary) members of EERI for at least five years, and must not have been nominated to the Board in the last two years. To submit a name for consideration, send a brief note giving the name and qualifications of the potential candidate to the Nominating Committee in care of the EERI office. All submissions are confidential.

Members of the Nominating Committee included: chair and honorary member Bill Anderson (M. EERI, 2001), Ross Boulanger (M. EERI, 1992), Joe Maffei (M. EERI, 1989), honorary member Susan Tubbesing (M. EERI, 1988), and executive director Jay Berger (M. EERI, 2005).

Earthquake Spectra: November Issue and Preprint Manuscripts

The November 2013 issue of Earthquake Spectra (volume 29, number 4) is available in print and online at, where you may browse the table of contents online for your favorite topics. This Spectra issue was mailed last week, and EERI members should receive it shortly if they haven’t already.

Earthquake Spectra, November 2013, coverThis Spectra issue is the second one led by Editor Jonathan P. Stewart (M. EERI, 1994) and Associate Editor Yousef Bozorgnia (M. EERI, 1986). Stewart is professor and chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles. Bozorgnia is executive director of the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research (PEER) Center at the University of California, Berkeley, and adjunct professor of the Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Materials (SEMM) program.

Earthquake Spectra: Preprint Manuscripts

In late December and early January, ten preprint manuscripts were posted on the Earthquake Spectra website prior to their formal publication. The list of new preprint manuscripts, including authors, follows:

  • Earthquake Spectra “Practical Implementation of generalized force vectors for the multi-mode pushover analysis of building structures” by F. Soner Alıcı and Halûk Sucuoğlu (M. EERI, 1996)
  • “Local strengthening of RC structures as a strategy for seismic risk mitigation at regional scale” by R. Frascadore, M. Di Ludovico, A. Prota, G.M. Verderame, G. Manfredi, M. Dolce, and E. Cosenza
  • “Development of Earthquake Energy Demand Spectra” by Ahmet Anıl Dindar (M. EERI, 2010), Cem Yalçın, Ercan Yüksel, Hasan Özkaynak, and Oral Büyüköztürk
  • “Incorporation of Velocity Pulses in Design Ground Motions for Response History Analysis Using a Probabilistic Framework” by Ibrahim Almufti (M.EERI, 2011), Ramin Motamed (M. EERI, 2010), Damian N. Grant (M. EERI, 2008), and Michael Willford (M. EERI, 2009)
  • “Systematic ground motion observations in the Canterbury earthquakes and region-specific non-ergodic empirical ground motion modeling” by Brendon A. Bradley (M. EERI, 2012)
  • “A SSHAC Level 3 Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis for a New-Build Nuclear Site in South Africa” by Julian J. Bommer (M. EERI, 1992), Kevin J. Coppersmith (M. EERI, 1985), Ryan T. Coppersmith, Kathryn L. Hanson (M. EERI, 2001), Azangi Mangongolo, Johann Neveling, Ellen M. Rathje (M. EERI, 1996), Adrian Rodriguez-Marek (M. EERI, 1999), Frank Scherbaum, Refilwe Shelembe, Peter J. Stafford (M. EERI, 2008), and Fleur O. Strasser
  • “Significance of Rotating Ground Motions on Behavior of Symmetric- and Asymmetric-plan Structures: Part 1. Single-story Structures” by Juan C. Reyes and Erol Kalkan (M. EERI, 2002)
  • “Displacement-based Seismic Design for Reinforced Masonry Shear-wall Structures, Part 1: Background and Trial Application” by Farhad Ahmadi (M. EERI, 2012), Marios Mavros, Richard E. Klingner, Benson Shing (M. EERI, 1985) and David McLean
  • “Displacement-based Seismic Design for Reinforced Masonry Shear-wall Structures, Part 2: Validation with Shake-table Tests” by Farhad Ahmadi (M. EERI, 2012), Marios Mavros, Richard E. Klingner, Benson Shing (M. EERI, 1985) and David McLean
  • “Loss Estimation of Tall Buildings Designed for the PEER Tall Building Initiative Project” by Nilesh Shome (M. EERI, 2000), Nirmal Jayaram, Helmut Krawinkler, and Mohsen Rahnama (M. EERI, 1998)
  • “Lessons from the Behavior of a Monitored Eleven-story Building during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake for Robustness against Design Uncertainties” by Zhe Qu (M. EERI, 2009), Hiroyasu Sakata, Saburoh Midorikawa (M. EERI, 1999) and Akira Wada (M. EERI, 1994)
  • “Analytical Seismic Fragility Analyses of Fire Sprinkler Piping Systems with Threaded Joints” by Siavash Soroushian (M. EERI, 2011), Arash E. Zaghi, Manos Maragakis (M. EERI, 1984), Alicia Echevarria, Yuan Tian (M. EERI, 2012) and Andre Filiatrault (M. EERI, 1986)

To read preprint manuscripts or browse the complete list of preprint manuscripts, visit the Earthquake Spectra website at

Employment Opportunity at EERI

EERI is seeking a creative, experienced, technology-aware, and dynamic Program Manager. This person will be a key staff member with internal and external leadership responsibilities. The Program Manager will have responsibility for multiple externally and internally funded projects and programs, creating and leading professional development programs, and supporting the Institute’s committees and chapters.

The Program Manager must be self-motivated, flexible, an excellent communicator, and an outstanding team player. An interest in and knowledge of earthquake engineering and global risk reduction is highly desirable. The Program Manager reports to the Executive Director and should be adept and comfortable working in a collaborative environment within a flat organizational structure. Some travel is required. The starting salary is competitive and is based on qualifications and experience. EERI provides a comprehensive employee benefits package, paid vacation, holidays, sick days, and a casual professional working environment in City Center Oakland on the BART line.

The deadline to apply is February 5. For more information on responsibilities and desired qualifications, please visit

The Pulse of Earthquake Engineering, Jan. 1, 2014 Issue Available

You may read the January 1, 2014 issue of The Pulse of Earthquake Engineering, EERI’s e-newsletter, at

January 1, 2014 issue of The Pulse of Earthquake Engineering, EERI's email newsletter

Spectra Article Wins Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize

EERI is pleased to announce the “Social Representations of Earthquakes: A Study of People Living in Three Highly Seismic Areas” paper by Helene Joffe, Tiziana Rossetto (M. EERI, 2010), Christian Solberg, and Cliodhna O’Connor, published in the May 2013 issue of Earthquake Spectra, was awarded the 2013 Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize for the best peer-reviewed work on the science of risk; it also won the Best Paper accolade for the Science of Behavioral Risk category.

Earthquake Spectra May 2013 coverThe Lloyd’s prize seeks to create links between the academic community and the insurance industry. Joffe et al.’s paper compared attitudes to earthquake risk in three highly seismic cities — Seattle (USA), Izmir (Turkey), and Osaka (Japan) — shedding light on what drives better preparatory action. Congratulations to the authors for this recognition of their excellent work!

For more details, visit the Lloyd’s website at external link icon.

Earthquake Spectra: Preprint Manuscripts

In mid December, ten preprint manuscripts were posted on the Earthquake Spectra website prior to their formal publication. The list of new preprint manuscripts, including authors, follows:

  • Earthquake Spectra"Seismic Evaluation of Existing Wharf Structures Subject to Earthquake Excitation: Case Study" by Bilge Doran, Jay Shen, and Bulent Akbas
  • "NGA-West2 models for ground-motion directionality" by Shrey K. Shahi and Jack W. Baker (M. EERI, 2004)
  • "Damage to Oil Storage Tanks due to Tsunami of the Mw9.0 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku, Japan Earthquake" by Ken Hatayama
  • "Seismic Retrofit for Electric Power Systems" by Natalia Romero, Linda K. Nozick, Ian Dobson, Ningxiong Xu, and Dean A. Jones
  • "Fragility curves based on data from the 2011 Great East Japan tsunami in Ishinomaki city with discussion of parameters influencing building damage" by Anawat Suppasri, Ingrid Charvet, Kentaro Imai, and Fumihiko Imamura
  • "Significance of Rotating Ground Motions on Behavior of Symmetric- and Asymmetric-plan Structures: Part 2. Multi-story Structures" by Erol Kalkan (M. EERI, 2002) and Juan C. Reyes
  • "Case Study: Scenario-Based Seismic Loss Estimation for Concrete Buildings in Mid-America" by Jong-Wha Bai (M. EERI, 2005), Mary Beth D. Hueste (M. EERI, 1995), and Paolo Gardoni
  • "Modeling Building Classes using Moment Matching" by In Ho Cho and Keith Porter (M. EERI, 1998)
  • "Estimation of damping correction factors using duration defined by standard deviation of phase difference" by Kenichi Nagao (M. EERI, 2012) and Jun Kanda
  • "Nonlinear Site Amplification Factors for Sites Located within the Mississippi Embayment with Consideration for Deep Soil Deposit" by Mojtaba Malekmohammadi (M. EERI, 2009) and Shahram Pezeshk (M. EERI, 1989)

To read the preprint manuscripts or browse the complete list of preprint manuscripts, visit the Earthquake Spectra website at

10NCEE Updates: Registration, New Sponsors, and Papers

Registration for the Tenth U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (10NCEE) will open in early 2014. As the new year approaches, visit the 10NCEE website for the latest updates and news at

New Sponsors
GEI Consultants, Inc. (EERI Silver Subscribing Member) is a new Bronze Sponsor of 10NCEE.

GEI Consultants, Inc.GEI provides a broad array of geotechnical, water resources, environmental science, and engineering consulting services to public and private clients nationwide. Regarded as one of the most experienced dam and foundation engineering companies in the United States, GEI has completed more than 35,000 projects for public and private sector clients in all 50 states and 25 countries since its founding in 1970.

The firm provides clients direct access to nationally recognized consulting engineers and scientists who lead and manage project engagements. Project leaders are supported by and mentor some of the industry’s very best mid-level and younger engineers and scientists. The largest geoenvironmental firm headquartered in New England, GEI collaboratively services clients across the country from 30 offices coast to coast.

For more information about GEI Consultants, Inc., visit external link icon.

10NCEE websiteThe 10NCEE program committee has received nearly 800 papers from potential authors and presenters. Authors will receive review comments and confirmation of acceptance of their papers by February 1, 2014. Final revised papers will be due by March 15, 2014. Final submission of the paper must be accompanied by payment of the full conference registration fee for the presenting author.