Earthquake Spectra: Preprint Manuscripts

In mid December, ten preprint manuscripts were posted on the Earthquake Spectra website prior to their formal publication. The list of new preprint manuscripts, including authors, follows:

  • Earthquake Spectra"Seismic Evaluation of Existing Wharf Structures Subject to Earthquake Excitation: Case Study" by Bilge Doran, Jay Shen, and Bulent Akbas
  • "NGA-West2 models for ground-motion directionality" by Shrey K. Shahi and Jack W. Baker (M. EERI, 2004)
  • "Damage to Oil Storage Tanks due to Tsunami of the Mw9.0 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku, Japan Earthquake" by Ken Hatayama
  • "Seismic Retrofit for Electric Power Systems" by Natalia Romero, Linda K. Nozick, Ian Dobson, Ningxiong Xu, and Dean A. Jones
  • "Fragility curves based on data from the 2011 Great East Japan tsunami in Ishinomaki city with discussion of parameters influencing building damage" by Anawat Suppasri, Ingrid Charvet, Kentaro Imai, and Fumihiko Imamura
  • "Significance of Rotating Ground Motions on Behavior of Symmetric- and Asymmetric-plan Structures: Part 2. Multi-story Structures" by Erol Kalkan (M. EERI, 2002) and Juan C. Reyes
  • "Case Study: Scenario-Based Seismic Loss Estimation for Concrete Buildings in Mid-America" by Jong-Wha Bai (M. EERI, 2005), Mary Beth D. Hueste (M. EERI, 1995), and Paolo Gardoni
  • "Modeling Building Classes using Moment Matching" by In Ho Cho and Keith Porter (M. EERI, 1998)
  • "Estimation of damping correction factors using duration defined by standard deviation of phase difference" by Kenichi Nagao (M. EERI, 2012) and Jun Kanda
  • "Nonlinear Site Amplification Factors for Sites Located within the Mississippi Embayment with Consideration for Deep Soil Deposit" by Mojtaba Malekmohammadi (M. EERI, 2009) and Shahram Pezeshk (M. EERI, 1989)

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