EERI Election Results: 2014 President-Elect and Directors

EERI would like to announce the election results for President-Elect and Directors.

Seismologist David WaldStructural Engineer James MalleyProfessor Mary ComerioMary Comerio (M. EERI, 1988) received the endorsement of voters to be EERI’s President-Elect. Comerio is Professor in the Graduate School at UC Berkeley and a faculty member in Architecture since 1978, serving as Chair from 2006 to 2009.

The new EERI Directors are Jim Malley (M. EERI, 1990) and David Wald (M. EERI, 1988). Malley is a Senior Principal with Degenkolb Engineers of San Francisco, California. Wald is a seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Golden, Colorado, and is on the Geophysics Faculty at the Colorado School of Mines. Malley and Wald will assume their new posts at the first Board of Directors meeting in 2014.

Ivan WongDavid FriedmanTom TobinThe Institute extends appreciation to Tom Tobin (M. EERI, 1986), Past-President, David Friedman (M. EERI, 1988), Vice President, and Ivan Wong (M. EERI, 1997), Director, for their years of outstanding service and dedication to EERI. Also, thanks to all the EERI members who took the time to consider all the exceptional candidates and cast their votes.

It is not too early to start thinking about next year’s election. The Nominating Committee welcomes suggestions from the membership, including self-nominations. Nominees for director must have been active (or honorary) members of EERI for at least five years, and must not have been nominated to the Board in the last two years. To submit a name for consideration, send a brief note giving the name and qualifications of the potential candidate to the Nominating Committee in care of the EERI office. All submissions are confidential.

Members of the Nominating Committee included: chair and honorary member Bill Anderson (M. EERI, 2001), Ross Boulanger (M. EERI, 1992), Joe Maffei (M. EERI, 1989), honorary member Susan Tubbesing (M. EERI, 1988), and executive director Jay Berger (M. EERI, 2005).