New Post-Graduate Interns – Rosa and Arquimedes


Two new post-graduate interns have joined the EERI office in Oakland, California. The Institute would like to introduce Arquimedes Ponce and Rosa Portugal.

Arquimedes Ponce (M. EERI, 2013) is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. At UC Berkeley, he was a part of the Steel Bridge Competition team, which won first place in the ASCE and AISC sponsored national competition in 2012 and 2013. Arquimedes will be applying to graduate school programs soon and hopes to return to school in the fall of 2014 to pursue a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering.

Rosa Portugal (M. EERI, 2012) recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona where she fell in love with structural engineering. As an EERI intern, she plans to contribute to the many developing projects that will advance the field she will soon join. Looking forward, Rosa will pursue a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on Earthquake Engineering.

The EERI post-graduate interns will work on projects of the Institute including the California Earthquake Clearinghouse, Concrete Coalition, and World Housing Encyclopedia. These projects offer the interns professional experience, exposure to the multidisciplinary aspects of earthquake engineering, and the opportunity to network with others in the profession. Their work benefits EERI’s mission — to gather and disseminate information about earthquake risk reduction and to advocate for realistic measures to reduce the harmful effects of earthquakes.