EERI Teams with GEER in Response to Sequence of Greek Earthquakes

earthquake damaged waterfront in Cephalonia, Greece

EERI is partnering with GEER (Geotechnical Extreme Events Reconnaissance) to investigate the impact of the sequence of two M6.1 earthquakes (USGS) that occurred on the island of Cephalonia, Greece on January 26 and February 2, 2014.

The team, coordinated by Sissy Nikolaou (M.EERI, 2004), will work with representatives from Greek universities and local EERI members to investigate and document observations. Preliminary reports of damage include structural and non-structural damage to concrete buildings, failure of highway retaining walls, and damage to harbor facilities. Team member Ramon Gilsanz (M. EERI, 2011), a structural engineer with expertise in concrete construction and non-structural damage, is representing both EERI and the Applied Technology Council (ATC) and will work directly with Greek structural engineers to document structural damage. Observations from the team will be made available through the EERI, GEER and ATC websites.

View the GEER Press Release (PDF)

More information about previous earthquakes in Greece is available in the EERI Learning from Earthquakes (LFE) Reconnaissance Archive at