Opportunity to Serve on EERI Oral History Committee

The EERI Oral History Committee is looking for one or two new members to help with the workload of the Connections series. Committee members take on tasks involving background research, interviewing, editing, and reviewing drafts, and prioritizing and managing the Committee’s plans.

Past issues of Connections: The EERI Oral History Series have featured:

Henry J. Degenkolb (1994)
John A. Blume (1994)
Michael V. Pregnoff and John E. Rinne (1996)
George W. Housner (1997)
William W. Moore (1998)
Robert E. Wallace (1999)
Nicholas F. Forell (2000)
Henry J. Brunnier and Charles De Maria (2001)
Egor P. Popov (2001)
Clarence R. Allen (2002)

Joseph Penzien (2004)
Robert Park and Thomas Paulay (2006)
Clarkson W. Pinkham (2006)
Joseph P. Nicoletti (2006)
LeRoy Crandall (2008)
Vitelmo V. Bertero (2009)
Robert V. Whitman (2009)
Eric Elsesser (2010)
William Anderson (2011)
Roy G. Johnston (2012)
Ugo Morelli (2013)

Henry J. Degenkolb's Oral HistoryCommittee Members
Members of the EERI Oral History Committee include: chair Robert Reitherman (M. EERI, 1979), CUREE; Thalia Anagnos (M. EERI, 1982), SJSU; EERI Honorary Member Roger Borcherdt  (M. EERI, 1973), USGS; Gregg Brandow (M. EERI, 1973), Brandow & Nastar; Ricardo Dobry (M. EERI, 1974), RPI; EERI Honorary Member Robert Hanson (M. EERI, 1968), Univ. of Michigan & FEMA; and EERI Honorary Member Loring Wyllie (M. EERI, 1973), Degenkolb Engineers.

Express Your Interest
Interested individuals should email the committee chair Bob Reitherman at reitherman@curee.org and Maggie Ortiz (M. EERI, 2012) at maggie@eeri.org with a brief statement of their interest and qualifications.