Earthquake Spectra Preprints

In late July and early August, several preprint manuscripts were posted on the Earthquake Spectra website prior to their formal publication. The list of new preprint manuscripts, including authors, follows:

  • Earthquake Spectra“Evaluation of Assumptions Used in Engineering Practice to Model Buildings Isolated with Triple Pendulum(TM) Isolators in SAP2000” by Anthony P. Giammona, Keri L. Ryan (M. EERI, 1999), and Nhan D. Dao
  • “Cyclic test data of six unreinforced masonry walls with different boundary conditions” by Sarah Petry and Katrin Beyer (M. EERI, 2010)
  • “Experimental Shake Table Testing of an Adaptive Passive Negative Stiffness Device within a Highway Bridge Model” by Navid Attary, Michael Symans (M. EERI, 1996), Satish Nagarajaiah, Andrei M. Reinhorn (EERI, 1986), Michael C. Constantinou, Apostolos A. Sarlis, Dharma T.R. Pasala, and Douglas P. Taylor (M. EERI, 1998)
  • “Transect Survey as a Post-Disaster Global Rapid Damage Assessment Tool” by Lisa Moon (M. EERI, 2014), David Biggs (M. EERI, 2011), Jason Ingham (M. EERI, 2012), and Michael Griffith (M. EERI, 1990)

To read preprint manuscripts or browse the complete list of preprint manuscripts, visit the Earthquake Spectra website at external link icon.

In addition, the Spectra editors also posted a Special Collection of Preprints of the papers that will be published in the NGA-West2 special issue (forthcoming, August 2014) external link icon.