M6.0 South Napa, California Earthquake: California Earthquake Clearinghouse

EERI South Napa Virtual Earthquake Clearinghouse:
http://www.eqclearinghouse.org/2014-08-24-south-napa/ external link icon

Clearinghouse Physical Location (CLOSED):
Napa Caltrans Maintenance Station
3161 Jefferson Street
Napa, CA 94558

At 3:20 AM (local time) a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck in Napa, CA. The California Earthquake Clearinghouse is closely monitoring the situation. At this time a virtual Clearinghouse activation is in effect. The Clearinghouse Management Committee is exploring the possibility of establishing a physical Clearinghouse location. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

California Earthquake Clearinghouse (EERI)Any persons conducting scientific or engineering investigations in the affected area are encouraged to submit observations to the Clearinghouse. A forum has also been established to share information and help groups coordinate with each other at http://www.californiaeqclearinghouse.org/ external link icon. More information about how to share and view data is available at http://www.californiaeqclearinghouse.org/m6-0-south-napa-earthquake/ external link icon.