January 24th EERI Earthquake Reconnaissance Data Collection Training Workshop at UCLA

View Agenda for the 2015 Reconnaissance Training

Register for free at: https://www.eeri.org/cohost/registration/eeri-ucla-recon-workshop

The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Earthquake Reconnaissance Data Collection Training workshop will explain the role EERI plays in post-earthquake reconnaissance. It will provide a basis for involvement by workshop attendees in future reconnaissance activities after an earthquake in their area. EERI will present past reconnaissance efforts and the variety of ways membershave been involved in the past, including methods of data collection and management.

This also includes discipline-specific methods of evaluation of the safety and utility of buildings and critical infrastructure following a damaging event. The day’s events will include a speaker in each of the following fields: structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, and lifelines (bridges). The experts will provide methods for conducting field damage assessments.

Using the morning presentations, an afternoon field exercise will provide participants with the opportunity to test their reconnaissance skills and use of EERI field data collection tools around the UCLA campus. The training workshop at UCLA will serve as a model for future EERI training workshop, further standardizing data collection and reconnaissance efforts.

Contact Maggie Ortiz with any questions.