Ecuador Briefing Webinar Video Now Available!

A recording for the Ecuador Briefing Webinar is now available!

In this video, members of the EERI reconnaissance team that traveled to Ecuador to study the April 16, 2016 earthquake present their observations. In addition, the co-leader of the GEER-ATC team offered an overview of geotechnical impacts. Briefing content provides key insights into the various aspects of shaking characteristics, earthquake damage to housing and hospitals and initial response, in particular tagging issues. An overview of damage in Portoviejo and Manta is also included.

The presentations include:

Introduction and Overview of the Earthquake
by Forrest Lanning (M. EERI, 2009) | Download Presentation PDF File
Geotechnical Observations from the GEER-ATC Team
by Sissy Nikolaou (M. EERI, 2004) | Download Presentation PDF File | 3D Models (download file and view in your device’s pdf reader)
Damage Observed in the Ground Zero Zone of Portoviejo
by Ana (Gabby) Haro (M. EERI, 2014) | Download Presentation PDF File
Damage Observed in Manta
by Mei Kuen Liu (M. EERI, 2016) | Download Presentation PDF File
Performance of Hospitals
by Adrian Tola (M. EERI, 2015) | Download Presentation PDF File
Performance of Partitions and Cladding of Multistory Buildings
by Héctor Monzón Despang (M. EERI, 1988) | Download Presentation PDF File
Building Tagging
by Arturo Schultz (M. EERI, 1986) | Download Presentation PDF File

PDH credits are available to attendees for a USD 30 fee. A registration link for them has been sent out in an email to all attendees. If you have any questions, please contact Shizza Fatima at

For more information, visit the Ecuador Earthquake Virtual Clearinghouse Website.