LFE response to New Zealand, Oklahoma, and Italy earthquakes

EERI’s Learning From Earthquakes Program is currently responding to three earthquakes. An earthquake clearinghouse has been established for each event where members can go to learn more about the reconnaissance efforts underway and the observed earthquake impacts. These websites will continue to evolve overtime as more reconnaissance data and photo observations are added, so members are encouraged to check back frequently.

New Zealand Kaikoura Earthquake
In response to the M7.8 earthquake on November 13, 2016 at at 11:02:56 UTC, a Kaikoura New Zealand Virtual Clearinghouse website has been established to be a central location for sharing data and reports collected by experts conducting reconnaissance for this earthquake and its aftershocks. The clearinghouse operation is a partnership between four organizations: EERI as part of its Learning from Earthquakes Program, New Zealand Society of Earthquake Engineering, GNS Science, and QuakeCoRE. Under the leadership of our New Zealand partners, reconnaissance activities are underway and observations are being organized on the site according to specific topic areas. Numerous photo observations and other data layers showing impacts in Wellington, Marlborough, and the epicentral area of Kaikoura are already posted on the data map and photo gallery. Colleagues with information about earthquake impacts are asked to send information to clearinghouse website curators who are listed on the website homepage. EERI’s LFE program will continue to work with our New Zealand partners to identify opportunities for EERI engagement and participation as the situation evolves.

Oklahoma Earthquakes
In response to the M5.0 earthquake on November 7, 2016 near Cushing Oklahoma, a ten member EERI team has visited the epicentral region to conduct reconnaissance. The team has several reconnaissance objectives, notably to document ephemeral damage to the built environment and observe business resilience by implementing a business survey that was initially developed for and deployed following the South Napa earthquake. The team was specifically designed to provide training and mentorship opportunities for several EERI young members and is being lead by Jim Taylor, Technical Manager at ABS Consulting. For a complete list of team members and reconnaissance objectives, visit the Oklahoma Earthquakes Clearinghouse website. Team member photo observations and a short reconnaissance summary report will be posted to the website in the coming weeks.

Central Italy Earthquakes
EERI joined with the European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering (Eucentre) and Rete dei Laboratori Universitari di Ingegneria Sismica (ReLUIS) to conduct a reconnaissance trip in Italy from September 12-16, 2016 to study the impacts of the August 24, 2016 Amatrice earthquake. Since their return from the field, three additional significant earthquakes have impacted the region, with the largest being a M6.5 on October 30. The emergency response effort since these subsequent earthquakes has been extensive, thus EERI plans to partner with the Eucentre, ReLUIS and GEER on a collaborative follow-up reconnaissance mission when the situation settles and access becomes possible. Observations for these events, including the link to the initial webinar briefing, have been posted at the Central Italy Earthquakes Clearinghouse. EERI thanks our Italian partners at the Eucentre and ReLUIS who have been compiling and populating an Italian version of the clearinghouse site, and coordinating the follow-up reconnaissance mission.

Questions about these LFE activities can be directed to Heidi Tremayne at heidi@eeri.org.