Award Recipients

EERI recognizes and acknowledges the extraordinary accomplishments and innovative work by members of the earthquake engineering community. From graduates students to professionals who have dedicated their careers to earthquake risk reduction, these individuals have made important contributions to risk reduction, seismic safety, and earthquake risk mitigation and management. For more information, please click on the award title at the top of each column. Note: Some awards are given in the next calendar year  











Year George W. Housner Medal Distinguished Lecture Award William B. Joyner Lecture Award Alfred E. Alquist Special Recognition Medal Bruce Bolt Medal Outstanding Paper Award (details below) Shah Family Innovation Prize Graduate Fellowship Award
 2019 W.D. Liam Finn  Ross Boulanger  Robert Graves  Fred Turner Yousef Bozorgnia     

Trevor Carey and Anne Hulsey    (2018-2019) 

 2018 I.M. Idriss  Reginald DesRoches  Ellen M. Rathje   Michael G. Mahoney Jonathan P. Stewart    Reid Zimmerman

Lohrasb Keykhosropour and Kristin Ulmer     (2017-2018) 

2017 Chris Poland Lucy Jones William Lettis Christopher Rojahn Farzad Naeim

1) K. Goda and R. De Risi 2) J. Stewart et al. (33:4)

Vitor Silva  Christine Beyzaei and Nasser Marafi (2016-2017)
2016 Thomas D. O’Rourke Gregory G. Deierlein Jonathan P. Stewart Craig D. Comartin Roger D. Borcherdt  Elide Pantoli et al. (32:2) Lizzie Blaisdell Collins Christine Beyzaei and Nasser Marafi (2016-2017)
2015 Nigel Priestley* Robert Olshansky Paul Somerville Walter J. Arabasz John G. Anderson K. Mosalam and S. Gunay (31:2) Brendon Bradley Brett Maurer (2015-2016)
2014 Masayoshi Nakashima David Wald David Boore Laurence Kornfield Anthony Shakal S. van Ballegooy et al. (30:1) Abbie Liel Julie Fogarty (2014-2015)
2013 Haresh C. Shah Mary Comerio Kelvin Berryman George G. Mader Mustafa Özder Erdik L. Duenas-Osorio and J. Wu (29:3)  Curt Haselton  Clinton Carlson
2012 Helmut Krawinkler* Thomas O’Rourke Jonathan Bray Phillip Gould Norman Abrahamson G. Deierlein and A. Liel (28:4) Helen Crowley Scott Swensen
2011 Mete A. Sozen Stephanie E. Chang Thomas C. Hanks Haresh C. Shah Kojiro Irikura J. Baker, N. Jayaram and T. Lin (27:3) Veronica Cedillos Kevin Franke
2010 Robert V. Whitman* Sharon Wood Arthur Frankel John R. Filson For previous award recipients, please visit: David Boore K. Jaiswal and D. Wald (26:4) Emily So Sharyl Rabinovici
2009 Lloyd Cluff Norman Abrahamson Robin K. McGuire Ugo Morelli* (Special Recognition Award) Wilfred Iwan B.F Maison, K. Kasai and G. Deierlein (25:4) Jack Baker Matthew Eatherton
2008  James M. Kelly Ronald T. Eguchi Chris Poland Richard Eisner Susan K. Tubbesing (Special Recognition Award)   1) N. Abrahamson et al. (24:1) 2) J. Bommer and F. Scherbaum (24:4) Jerome Lynch  David Saftner
 2007 Wilfred Iwan Eric Elsesser* Gail Atkinson S.C. Liu and William Anderson* (Special Recognition Award)   Elwood et al. (23:3) Rui Pinho  
 2006 Paul C. Jennings  Kathleen Tierney Norm Abrahamson Chris Poland   1) Kircher et al. (22:SI-II) 2) Dicleli (22:4) Ellen M. Rathje Jamie Padgett
 2005 Luis Esteva Jack Moehle C. Allin Cornell* James F. Davis   Choi and Stewart (21:1) Rebekah Green Troy Morgan
 2004 Daniel Shapiro  Kenneth Stokoe Lloyd Cluff  L. Thomas Tobin   1)Vamvatsikos and Cornell (20:2) 2) Faccioli et al. (20:2)  Gustavo Parra-Montesinos Brady Cox
 2003 C. Allin Cornell* William Petak   Daniel Shapiro    1)Olson (19:1); 2)Hamburger et al. (19:2) Paul VanderMarck Paul Cordova
 2002 Anil K. Chopra Mete Sozen   Wilfred Iwan   Borcherdt (18:2) Joshua M. Marrow Larry Fahnestock
 2001 Clarence R. Allen James M. Kelly   Robert A. Olson   Stepp et al. (17:1) Stephanie E. Chang  
 2000 Bruce A. Bolt* Joseph Penzien*   Lucille M. Jones   Frankel et al. (16:1) Durgesh C. Rai  
 1999 Egor P. Popov* C. Allin Cornell*    William T. Holmes   Reinoso & Ordaz (15:2) not awarded  
 1998 William J. Hall Bruce A. Bolt*   Lloyd S. Cluff   Shome et al. (14:3) Bret Lizundia & Nicos Makris (shared)  
 1997 Anestis S. Veletsos Thomas Paulay*   James E. Roberts*, Hal Bernson   Jennings (13:1)    
 1996 Ray W. Clough L. Thomas Tobin   Joseph Penzien*   O’Rourke & Palmer (12:3)    
 1995  Vitelmo V. Bertero  Clarence R. Allen       Behr et al. (11:3)    
 1994  Karl V. Steinbrugge*  Robert V. Whitman*   Bruce A. Bolt*, Robert E. Wallace*   R.  Borcherdt (10:4)    
 1993  Joseph Penzien*  Egor P. Popov*    Clarence R. Allen, Frank E. McClure*        
 1992  Donald E. Hudson*  George W. Housner*   Donald Cheu, Earl W. Hart        
 1991  John A. Blume*      George Housner*        
 1990  George W. Housner*      Christopher Arnold, Stanley Scott*        
1989       Tom Bradley, Patricia Snyder        
 1988       Henry J. Degenkolb*, Edward M. O’Connor        
 1987       Karl V. Steinbrugge*        
 1986       Afred E. Alquist*        


Honorary Members

 A – M  N – Z

Mihran S. Agbabian Clarence R. Allen Nicolas N. Ambraseys* Thalia Anagnos William A. Anderson* Christopher Arnold Roger Borcherdt Perry Byerly* John A. Blume* Sheldon Cherry* Anil Chopra Lloyd S. Cluff Craig D. Comartin Mary C. Comerio Henry J. Degenkolb* C. Martin Duke* W.D. Liam Finn Marjorie R. Greene Polat Gulkan Ashraf Habibullah Robert D. Hanson Walter W. Hays William T. Holmes George W. Housner* Donald E. Hudson* I.M. Idriss Wilfred D. Iwan Paul C. Jennings James O. Jirsa Helmut Krawinkler* Henry J. Lagorio* David J. Leeds* Marshall Lew Frank E. McClure* Ugo Morelli*

Farzad Naeim Masayoshi Nakashima Nathan Newmark* Joseph P. Nicoletti Bruce C. Olsen* Robert Olson Thomas D. O’Rourke Joseph Penzien* William J. Petak Clarkson Pinkham* Chris D. Poland F. Robert Preece* Bob Reitherman John E. Rinne* Ronald F. Scott* Stanley Scott* H. Bolton Seed* Haresh Shah Daniel Shapiro Roland L. Sharpe Karl V. Steinbrugge* J. Carl Stepp Kathleen Tierney L. Thomas Tobin Susan Tubbesing Robert E. Wallace* Robert V. Whitman* Loring A. Wyllie Jr. T. Leslie Youd

* deceased
Outstanding Papers from Earthquake Spectra


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Ezio Faccioli, Roberto Paolucci, and Julien Rey, “Displacement Spectra for Long Periods,” Earthquake Spectra, 20 (2), 347-376.
Dimitrios Vamvatsikos and C. Allin Cornell, “Applied Incremental Dynamic Analysis (IDA),” Earthquake Spectra, 20 (2), 523-553.
Robert A. Olson, “Legislative Politics and Seismic Safety: California’s Early Years and the ‘Field Act,’ 1925-1933,” Earthquake Spectra, 19 (1), 111-131.
Ronald O. Hamburger, Douglas A. Foutch, and C. Allin Cornell, “Translating Research to Practice: FEMA/SAC Performance-Based Design Procedures,” Earthquake Spectra, 19 (2), 255-267.
Roger D. Borcherdt , “Empirical Evidence for Site Coefficients in Building Code Provisions,” Earthquake Spectra, 18 (2), 189-217.
J. C. Stepp, I. Wong, J. Whitney, R. Quittmeyer, N. Abrahamson, G. Toro, R. Youngs, K. Coppersmith, J. Savy, T. Sullivan, and Yucca Mountain PSHA Project Members, “Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analyses for Fault Displacement and Ground Motions at Yucca Mountain, Nevada,” Earthquake Spectra, 17 (1), 113-151.
Frankel, A. D., Mueller, C. S., Barnhard, T. P., Leyendecker, E. V., Wesson, R. L., Harmsen, S. C. Klein, F. W., Perkins, D. M., Dickman, N. C., Hanson, S. L., and Hopper, “USGS National Seimic Hazard Maps,” Earthquake Spectra, 16 (1).
Special Recognition Awards for Contributions to Earthquake SpectraCharles A. Kircher and Ronald O. Hamburger, editors Earthquake Spectra Theme Issue: Seismic Design Provisions and Guidelines, Earthquake Spectra, 16 (1).
Eduardo Reinoso and Mario Ordaz, “Spectral Ratios for Mexico City from Free-Field Recordings,” Earthquake Spectra, 15 (2), 273-296.
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Paul C. Jennings, “Enduring Lessons and Opportunities Lost from the San Fernando Earthquake of February 9, 1971,” Earthquake Spectra, 13 (1), 25-44.
Thomas D. O’Rourke and M. C. Palmer, 1996, “Earthquake performance of gas transmission pipelines,” Earthquake Spectra, 12 (3), 493-527.
Richard A. Behr, Abdeldjelil Belarbi, and Adam T. Brown, “Seismic performance of architectural glass in a storefront wall system,” Earthquake Spectra, 11 (3), 367-391.
Special Recognition Awards for Contributions to Earthquake SpectraJohn F. Hall, Editor, 1995, Northridge Earthquake Reconnaissance Report, Earthquake Spectra, 11, Supplement C, vol. 1, 523 pp.; William T. Holmes and Peter Somers, Editors, 1995, Northridge Earthquake Reconnaissance Report, Earthquake Spectra, 11, Supplement C, vol. 2, 278 pp.1994
Roger D. Borcherdt, “Estimates of site-dependent response spectra for design (methodology and justification),” Earthquake Spectra, 10 (4), 617-654.