Outstanding Paper Award

Outstanding Paper Award

EERI is now accepting nominations for the 2024 Outstanding Paper Award! Click here to submit a nomination. The nomination deadline is June 17, 2024 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Outstanding Paper Awards for Earthquake Spectra are awarded to authors of papers judged to be outstanding contributions to earthquake hazard mitigation. Papers of recipients must be judged to have made a significant impact on the profession, to provide a significant advance in the state-of-the-art or understanding of a particular topic, to be of exceptional technical quality with concise and informative illustrations and to be well written for a broad audience. Only papers published in issues of Earthquake Spectra during the preceding calendar year shall be eligible for consideration.

Nomination and Selection Procedures

All nominations for the awards shall be reviewed and recommended by the Editorial Board of Earthquake Spectra. Award(s) shall be presented to recipients as appropriate at the Annual Meeting of the Institute. The number of awards per year depends on the quality of papers and shall not exceed two. In some years, when no paper is deemed exceptional, no award shall be granted. One framed citation is presented to each authorship team.

Nomination Protocol
  1. Nominations shall be requested from the membership via the EERI Pulse Newsletter. Suggestions for nominations for the Outstanding Paper ward shall also be solicited using a check box on the manuscript review form. Nominations can be submitted starting May 1 of each year. The nomination period will be about 1 month long.
  2. All nominations shall be submitted in written format using an online form. A short justification is required and further documentation is optional. Nominations shall be forwarded to the Editor of Earthquake Spectra.
  3. Candidates for these awards are to be selected for recommendation by the Earthquake Spectra Editorial Board from nominations submitted by the membership or the Editorial Board of Earthquake Spectra. Activities of the Editorial Board pertaining to submission of the nominations shall be chaired by the journal's editor, unless a paper affiliated with the editor has been nominated, in which case, the board activities shall be chaired by an ad hoc chairperson. Each nomination for an outstanding paper award shall be accompanied with a succinct written justification. Each justification, not submitted by a member of the Editorial Board, shall be reviewed by a member of the Board most familiar with the technical field. The Distinguished Lecture, if published in Earthquake Spectra, shall not be eligible for the Outstanding Paper Award.  If no candidates are recommended in any calendar year, then the editor of Earthquake Spectra should so indicate in writing.

Selection Protocol

  1. Candidates shall be reviewed and selected annually by the Earthquake Spectra Editorial Board for recommendation in confidence to the Board of Directors.
  2. Conflict of interest and bias in the selection of awardees shall be avoided with the utmost of care. Nominees for any of the awards that are also serving as members of the Board of Directors or the Editorial Board for Spectra, shall be precluded from all deliberations concerning the selection of candidates for the award for which they have been nominated. Should preclusion of a Board Member or Committee Chair be required, Board and Committee activities required to nominate and select candidates for the award shall be chaired by an ad hoc chairperson selected by other members of the Board or committee. All oral and written deliberations concerning selection of the ad hoc chairperson and candidates for the corresponding award shall be kept in the strictest of confidence from award nominees.
  3. Written justifications for one nominee and one alternate may be recommended to the Board each calendar year. Citations for each candidate will be prepared prior to consideration by the Board by prominent and well-qualified members of the Institute. If no candidates are recommended by the Honors Committee, the Board should be so notified in writing.

 Award Protocol

  1. The recipient shall be notified prior to the Annual Meeting by the President of the Institute.
  2. The award shall be announced and presented at the EERI Annual Meeting. Note, the 2024 paper winner will be presented with their award at the 13th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering in 2026.
  3. The award, together with pictures of the recipient, shall be announced in the Newsletter.
  4. The recipient shall receive a framed citation.
  5. Citation materials for recipients selected by the Board at their last meeting of the year shall be reviewed immediately by the Executive Director in order that they might be resubmitted to the original authors, if necessary, for improvement in time for printing, framing, and presentation at the EERI Annual Meeting.


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