The Bruce A. Bolt Medal

The Bruce Bolt Medal is awarded jointly by the Consortium of Strong Motion Observation Systems (COSMOS) , the Seismological Society of America (SSA) , and EERI to recognize individuals worldwide whose accomplishments involve the promotion and use of strong-motion earthquake data and whose leadership in the transfer of scientific and engineering knowledge into practice or policy has led to improved seismic safety.

Members of EERI, SSA, and COSMOS are encouraged to submit nominations for this distinguished award. Nominations will be reviewed in confidence by a six-person Joint Nomination Panel formed by two representatives of each if the three sponsoring organizations. The nominee will be considered in confidence by each organization’s board for their approval and selection of the medalist.

The following criteria shall be used in nominating and selecting the recipient:

  1. Promotion of strong-motion instrumentation or advancing strong-motion data processing or data utilization;
  2. Technical contributions in seismic engineering or engineering seismology; and
  3. Leadership in the transfer of knowledge into practice or policy that has led to improved seismic safety.

The Joint Nomination Panel is charged with applying these criteria to select a nominee worthy of the high level of professional recognition represented by the sponsorship of the Bruce Bolt Medal by SSA, and EERI.

The nomination letter must address the ways in which the candidate meets all three of the criteria. This submittal should not be longer than two pages. A summary of the professional history of the candidate, and the current contact information for the candidate should also be supplied. Up to three supporting letters may be included in the nomination package. The closing date for submitting nominations is August 31.

Nominations for the Bruce Bolt Medal should be sent to the Bolt Medal Nomination Panel, in care of William (Woody) Savage at Questions regarding the Bolt Medal criteria or the nomination process for candidates may be directed to Woody at the above e-mail address. While electronic submissions are preferred, in .pdf or .doc formats, hard copies may be sent to the following mail box. If a hard copy is sent, the sender should notify Woody by e-mail.

Bolt Medal Nomination Panel
In care of William Savage
1930 Village Center Circle #3-292
Las Vegas, NV 89134