Earthquake Spectra Announces New Special Collection on Systemic Earthquake Risk Modeling

EERI’s peer-reviewed journal Earthquake Spectra is opening a new special collection on “Forward-Looking, Equitable, and Systemic Earthquake Risk Modeling.”  Read on for more information about the collection and instructions for submitting papers.

Special Collection Editorial Board Members:

  • Dr. Gemma Cremen, Lecturer in Risk and Resilience Engineering, UCL, UK
  • Prof. Carmine Galasso, Professor of Catastrophe Risk Engineering, UCL, UK
  • Dr. Vitor Silva, Head of Risk Engineering, Global Earthquake Model Foundation, Italy

Summary: Forward-Looking, Equitable, and Systemic Earthquake Risk Modeling

Urban populations continue to grow in many regions, new structures are being built on previously undeveloped land, the density of urban settlements is amplifying, and multiple infrastructure systems are being expanded or further interconnected to meet ever-increasing demands. Against this backdrop, climate change is exacerbating the occurrence of certain hazards, increasing the likelihood of destructive earthquakes coinciding with or triggering other types of catastrophes, resulting in compounding and cascading impacts. These changes fundamentally alter the exposure and vulnerability of people, their built environment, and the risks that their livelihoods could be impacted by earthquakes. Meanwhile, marginalized socioeconomic and demographic groups continue to suffer the most during disasters, even though economic loss estimates might suggest otherwise. While these problems are understood qualitatively, their consideration in earthquake risk modeling remains a rarity.

These challenges point to an urgent need for a paradigm shift in how we approach earthquake risk modeling, which this special collection will address. The range of topics to be covered includes methods for time-dependent earthquake risk assessment, network-level earthquake risk modeling, multi-hazard (or cumulative) risk analysis, and the development of equitable risk metrics.

Call for Submissions

The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2024.

Each paper in a Special Collection is treated as a regular technical paper that is released and published online as soon as it is accepted. All papers for the Special Collection will then be grouped together and displayed on a “collection” page on the journal website, and they will also be published in groups in the upcoming printed issues of Earthquake Spectra.

In preparing manuscripts, authors must follow the Earthquake Spectra author guidelines here. Submit papers using the online manuscript submission system under the category "Systemic Earthquake Risk Modeling."

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