EERI Releases Earthquake Spectra Special Issue On Seismic Hazard In Central And Eastern North America

Today the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) released a special issue of Earthquake Spectra titled "Seismic Hazard in Central and Eastern North America (CENA)."

This special issue showcases new developments in earthquake hazard and risk assessments relevant to Central and Eastern North America (CENA). This unique collection of papers marks a significant advancement in the documentation and understanding of the hazard and risk of this stable continental region with rare but significant seismicity. This collection of papers is intended for scientists and researchers in the hazard and risk modeling sector, as well as engineers and other professionals involved in the seismic design of buildings and infrastructure or in seismic risk studies in the CENA region or other similar stable continental regions around the globe. 

A substantial portion of the special issue features a selection of papers from the multi-year and multi-disciplinary research project Next Generation Attenuation Relationships for Central & Eastern North-America (NGA-East) Project, coordinated by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center. These papers describe different aspects and products of the NGA-East Project and summarize the new ground motion characterization model for the CENA region.  The products of this research will influence the design and construction of countless facilities, from transportation and nuclear power infrastructure to commercial and residential buildings, for the next several decades as the models are adopted into building codes and design provisions. Several CENA-relevant research projects and activities have taken place in addition to NGA-East. Thus, this special issue also contains papers related to the analysis, modeling, and implementation of seismic ground motions and hazards in CENA.

The guest editors for this issue are Yousef Bozorgnia of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and Christine Goulet of Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) at the University of Southern California (USC). 

Support for this special issue was provided in part by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) External Grant Award # G20AP00081 and a gift from Lettis Consultants International, Inc. These contributions are gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.

About Earthquake Spectra: Earthquake Spectra is the premier journal on earthquake engineering and resilience, serving as the publication of record for the development of earthquake engineering practice, earthquake codes and regulations, earthquake public policy, and earthquake investigation reports.


NGA-East Ground-Motion Characterization model part I: Summary of products and model development | Authors: Christine A Goulet, Yousef Bozorgnia, Nicolas Kuehn, Linda Al Atik, Robert R Youngs, Robert W Graves and Gail M Atkinson

NGA-East ground-motion characterization model Part II: Implementation and hazard implications | Authors: Robert R Youngs, Christine A Goulet, Yousef Bozorgnia, Nicolas Kuehn, Linda Al Atik, Robert W Graves and Gail M Atkinson

PEER NGA-East database | Authors: Christine A Goulet, Tadahiro Kishida, Timothy D Ancheta, Chris H Cramer, Robert B Darragh, Walter J Silva, Youssef MA Hashash, Joseph Harmon, Grace A Parker, Jonathan P Stewart and Robert R Youngs

The 2018 update of the US National Seismic Hazard Model: Ground motion models in the central and eastern US | Authors: Sanaz Rezaeian, Peter M Powers, Allison M Shumway, Mark D Petersen, Nicolas Luco, Arthur D Frankel,  Morgan P Moschetti, Eric M Thompson and Daniel E McNamara 

The search for hard-rock kappa (l) in NGA-East: A semi-automated method for large, challenging datasets in stable continental regions | Authors: Olga-Joan Ktenidou, Norman A Abrahamson, Walter J Silva, Robert B Darragh and Tadahiro Kishida

Selection of random vibration theory procedures for the NGA-East project and ground-motion modeling | Authors: Albert R Kottke, Norman A Abrahamson, David M Boore, Yousef Bozorgnia, Christine A Goulet, Justin Hollenback,  Tadahiro Kishida, Olga-Joan Ktenidou, Ellen M Rathje, Walter J. Silva, Eric M Thompson and Xiaoyue Wang 

A ground-motion prediction model for small-to-moderate induced earthquakes for Central and Eastern United States | Authors: Zoya Farajpour and Shahram Pezeshk 

Regional attenuation models in Central and Eastern North America using the NGA-East database | Author: Jeff Bayless

Multi-method site characterization to verify the hard rock (Site Class A) assumption at 25 seismograph stations across Eastern Canada | Authors: Sameer Ladak, Sheri Molnar and Samantha Palmer

Application of empirical and simulation-based site amplification models for Central and Eastern North America to selected sites | Authors: Youssef MA Hashash, Okan Ilhan, Halil Uysal, Jonathan P Stewart, Sissy Nikolaou, Ellen M Rathje, Kenneth W Campbell and Walter J Silva

Scaling relations between seismic moment and rupture area of earthquakes in stable continental regions | Author: Paul Somerville 

Simplified methods to estimate mean hazard due to updated ground motion model: Application to nuclear power plants in CEUS | Authors: Mohamed M Talaat, Andrew Seifried, Abhinav Anup, Gregory S Hardy and John M Richards

Seismic risk assessment for the CEUS nuclear power plant fleet based on the NGA-East ground motion model | Authors: Mohamed M Talaat, Timothy J Graf, Abhinav Anup, Gregory S Hardy and John M Richards

Site effects of the Denis-Perron dam (SM-3): A case study in Eastern North America | Authors: Daniel Verret, Denis LeBœuf and Éric Péloquin

System-wide seismic vulnerability of aging multiple-span multiple-girder bridges in low-to-moderate seismic hazard regions | Authors: John E Lens, Mandar M Dewoolkar and Eric M Hernandez

Data analytics to investigate the cohort of injection wells with earthquakes in Oklahoma | Authors: Amin Amirlatifi, Bijay KC, Meisam Adibifard, Farshid Vahedifard and Ehsan Ghazanfari

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