EERI Post-Graduation Internship Program


What is the EERI Post Graduate Internship Program

The EERI post graduate internship program offers recent college graduates an opportunity to extend their education and begin building a professional network through relevant real world experience in a professional setting. Interns make a 6 month commitment to EERI and gain valuable experience on earthquake mitigation and exposure to earthquake-focused professional organizations. EERI is committed to providing a learning experience through meaningful work assignments related to our mission of seismic risk reduction.

EERI’s Past and Current Interns

Benefits of a Post Graduate Internship at EERI

EERI interns gain valuable experience working in a professional environment on a range of interesting projects that increase their understanding and appreciation of the field of seismic risk mitigation. It is an opportunity to join a network of professional colleagues in earthquake engineering, planning policy, and government. Interns get the opportunity to contribute to the development and success of a number of EERI initiatives such as the World Housing Encyclopedia and the Learning From Earthquakes Program. The experience as an EERI intern will make many academic studies more relevant through meaningful assignment and engagement in real projects with substantial levels of responsibility. Interns are expected to take initiative, ask questions, and provide input and feedback. Highly motivated interns develop analytical, interpersonal, and leadership capacity. Interns work side-by-side with EERI staff in the Oakland, CA office and are provided a monthly stipend ($2200/month).

Benefits to EERI

The EERI post graduate internship is a mutually beneficial program for the institute and the intern. EERI gains valuable enthusiastic assistance on many of our special projects. Interns also support EERI staff on conferences, technical seminars, publication, IT operations, web services, and limited clerical tasks. Interns can offer fresh and creative perspectives as well as talents and technical skills in areas small non-profit organizations often find difficult to cover. Providing meaningful work experience and exposure for young earthquakes professionals is a service to our membership and increases the overall capacity of the institute.


Internship openings are announced in the EERI Pulse Newsletter and are also advertised directly to EERI student members.  View the news announcement for Fall 2016 opportunities.