How to Start an EERI Student Chapter

Follow these simple steps to start a student chapter at your college or university:

  1. Gather interest at your university to create a chapter.
  2. Review the Student Chapter Authorization and Regulations (pdf) for more details on relevant requirements, however the key points for an application are listed below:
    • The name of your chapter will be “EERI (your school’s name) Student Chapter”.
    • You must have at least 6 members (graduate or undergraduate) and they must all be members of EERI. Students can join online by visiting
    • Your university must endorse the establishment of a chapter.
    • You must have one full-time faculty member as advisor who is a member of EERI.
    • You must have one contact member who is a member of EERI and engaged in professional practice in the area. That person will serve as liaison between the chapter and other EERI members in your area.
  3. Submit a formal application to with the following items in a single pdf document:
    • Cover letter stating their chapter qualifications (as described in the Chapter Authorization and Regulations document) and listing the proposed Faculty Advisor and Contact Member.
    • Letter from your university department endorsing the establishment of the chapter.
    • List of Chapter Members and proposed Chapter officers.
  4. Wait for a formal approval letter of your Student Chapter by the EERI Board.
  5. Start launching chapter activities! During the first year of establishment of your Chapter, you should:
    • Establish rules and elect officers. Send EERI this information once ready, or when you send your annual report.
    • Review Chapter Best Practices for good ideas about chapter activities and governance.
    • Send EERI an annual report about chapter activities by May 1st. You can view the report template with the required information at Annual Report Submission web page.
  6. To remain in good standing, be sure to read and understand the rules governing student chapters, below.

Student Chapter Authorization and Regulations (pdf)