Careers at EERI


The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI), is a multi-disciplinary technical society with over 2,700 U.S. and international members. It was founded in1949 as a nonprofit corporation. Its mission is to reduce earthquake risk by (1) advancing the science and practice of earthquake engineering, (2) improving understanding of the impacts of earthquakes on the physical, social, economic, political, and cultural environment, and (3) advocating comprehensive and realistic measures for reducing the harmful effects of earthquakes.

The Institute helps achieve this mission by conducting seismic studies, inspecting and reporting on earthquake damage, encouraging and providing education and technology transfer, holding annual meetings and other events, sponsoring conferences, and publishing newsletters, a quarterly refereed technical journal (Earthquake Spectra), special reports and technical papers, and periodic conference proceedings. The Institute is recognized as the authoritative source for earthquake risk reduction in the United States, and in partnership with other nations and similar organizations, develops earthquake risk management information for global use.

Over the past year the Board of Directors and staff have engaged in a “Strategy Alignment Project,” which included a survey of stakeholders, numerous Board discussions, and a consultant led retreat for the Board and Staff. The outcome of this effort established five key priority areas and associated implementation plans: 1) Make Earthquake Spectra financially sustainable; 2) Redefine and reinvigorate the Learning From Earthquakes (LFE) program, including a long-term funding strategy; 3) Support advocacy for earthquake safety through all our programs; 4) Increase membership, especially younger members; and 5) Develop clear budget guidelines and long-term financial sustainability for the organization. These priorities will set the direction of EERI for the next several years.

Under general direction of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director serves as the Institute’s chief executive officer and assists the Board in formulating the Institute’s policies, goals, objectives, and programs and projects. The Executive Director is responsible for the effective implementation of Board decisions, and governing policies and procedures needed to serve the Institute’s members and programs and special projects. The Executive Director has responsibility for the management and operations of the Institute’s business functions in accordance with adopted policies and procedures, the Board’s directions and instructions, and applicable contractual and grant provisions.

Candidates should have at minimum: a Bachelor’s Degree; demonstrated supervisory experience; familiarity with association management and operations; fundraising, donor relations and membership development experience; and a repertoire of training, education, and experience that demonstrates that the candidate has the abilities to be an effective Executive Director. The candidate should also have knowledge and experience in the field of natural and other hazards, and a demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively with multidisciplinary professionals.

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Represent the Institute with passion, inspiration, and dedication to EERI’s mission.
  • Maintain and expand the strength and vitality of EERI, as the nation’s premier professional association in the earthquake field.
  • Work closely with the Board to achieve goals of the Institute’s current strategic plan and recently identified near term priorities.
  • Serve as primary liaison to federal funding agencies by building, maintaining, and nurturing these important relationships.
  • Empower the staff, Board, and member volunteers by harnessing their strengths, encouraging their ownership of appropriate tasks, delegating responsibility wisely, and facilitating a collaborative team environment.
  • Manage the office by training, supervising, and evaluating staff (as well as hiring and recruiting when necessary) to ensure a rewarding and welcoming work environment, as well as efficient and cost effective operations.
  • Direct staff in providing member services, technical and advocacy programs, publications, website, endowment administration, and other functions.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for EERI to the media, regional, and student EERI chapters, individual members, subscribing members, and the general public.
  • Coordinate the development of member focused national conferences, meetings, seminars, and other events.
  • Work closely with the Board, staff and volunteers in developing and carrying out fundraising and member development efforts.
  • Represent EERI nationally by serving as EERI’s representative on state and national, international, and other advisory and project committees.

Opportunities and Challenges Facing EERI’s New Executive Director:

  • Maintain EERI’s leadership as an advocate for earthquake engineering research and seismic risk reduction.
  • Maintain EERI as a leader in an increasingly multi-hazard research and practitioner environment, while promoting EERI’s multidisciplinary perspective and earthquake-specific focus.
  • Assure EERI’s continued financial independence, given varying levels of government agency support and increasing program demands.
  • Continue EERI’s highly respected work with Earthquake Spectra, the LFE program, and its advocacy for earthquake safety through a variety of national and international programs.
  • Continue to encourage local activism by EERI student and regional chapters.
  • Strengthen EERI’s image with the media and the general public.



  • Broad knowledge of current issues, agencies, and individuals in the earthquake professions.
  • Project management abilities and experience.
  • Understanding of new technologies and the potential they offer.
  • Ability to communicate with and develop programs to attract the “next generation” while meeting needs of all members.
  • Fundraising, donor relations, and membership development
  • Ability to view issues from a range of perspectives and make quick decisions.
  • Association management and meeting planning experience.
  • Personnel recruitment, management, retention and nurturing,


  • Flexibility, as Board composition and leadership change annually.
  • Ability to assign, manage and perform multiple tasks while maintaining a sense of humor and professional decorum.
  • Ability to delegate responsibilities and to be a mentor to new or younger staff members.
  • Ability to organize and keep track of details about EERI’s programs, projects, and activities.
  • Possess excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Demonstrable people skills, including the ability to collaborate effectively with multidisciplinary professionals
  • Willingness to travel.
  • Willing and able to carry out mundane administrative/clerical/editorial tasks from time to time.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 12 noon PST, December 15, 2016

Candidates should send a letter of interest and resume with supporting qualifications to, ATTN: David Friedman, Chair, Search Committee. All applications will be kept in strictest confidence.

Competitive Salary and Benefits to be negotiated. EERI provides a rich benefit package for all employees.

The Search Committee will review all applications and select a number of candidates for interviews. The committee will provide the Board of Directors with a rank ordered list of recommended candidates. Following the Board’s review and decision, representatives of EERI will be authorized to meet with the leading candidate to discuss terms and conditions of employment. Ideally a candidate would be able to assume the position in March 2017.

Executive Director Opportunity Flyer (PDF, 83KB)

Thank you for your interest in working with EERI.