2013 Summer Internships with San Francisco’s CAPSS/Earthquake Safety Implementation Program

Internships with the CAPSS/Earthquake Safety Implementation Program are available for summer 2013. The Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety (CAPSS) study provided a comprehensive analysis of the anticipated impacts that likely scenario earthquakes will have on the City and County of San Francisco, including physical, social, cultural, economic and other impacts. That study recommended actions to reduce those impacts. The Mayor and other San Francisco leaders are committed to implementing the recommendations of that CAPSS study.

A summer 2013 Intern group is being assembled to help advance this program and to encourage students in their study of earthquake hazard mitigation. Persons who wish to be part of this program may be students or recent graduates in the fields of public policy, engineering, architecture, urban geography, communications, and other fields that would link to a desired earthquake hazard mitigation outcome. At this time, all interships are unpaid.

Interns are expected to work 40 hours per week out of office space in downtown San Francisco. In addition to working with the CAPSS/Earthquake Safety Implementation Program Director and staff, interns will be mentored by a leading professional person in their field of interest to define and accomplish a specific project task. Interns will also participate in the general program activities, including current work tasks, seminars, special activities, and field trips.

Interested persons should submit a resume and a one page statement of interest, providing general information about their areas of interest and expressing interest in one of the possible summer projects listed below or other work that advances our goals in seismic hazard mitigation. Potential interns should review the CAPSS reports and the ESIP Workplan at
Please respond by email to the address below; feel free to contact Laurence Kornfield  at with questions or comments.

Possible Projects for Summer 2013 Internships
City and County of San Francisco
CAPSS/Earthquake Safety Implementation Program

  • Refine and implement public survey about seismic performance expectations of schools and other buildings.
  • Assist in development of upcoming “cripple-wall” reinforcement program for one- and two-family homes, including development of “tool library” program.
  • Assist in preparation of Soft-Story Retrofit Program policies and procedures.
  • Update guidelines for chimney repair/rebuilding following earthquake damage.
  • Research and prepare demonstrations of one or more products/technologies that may have application to seismic improvement in existing buildings, including high shear-strength glass in storefronts, clear window film to limit damage, reinforced wallpaper, damping mechanisms for wood frame buildings, etc.
  • Assist in final product development of the City’s patented Garage Door Reinforcement Mechanism.
  • Research and prepare an integrated post-earthquake response and recovery activity matrix with timeline to support resilience planning/implementation.
  • Development of an implementation program for San Francisco’s current transfer tax incentive, allowing a portion of taxes at time of property sale to be used for seismic improvements (collaborate with PEER intern).
  • Assist in work on San Francisco’s Private School Safety project, including data collection and analysis, research on best practices for nonstructural improvements and other practices (collaborate with PEER intern).

Structural Engineering Positions with Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc.

Job details and contact information for the two positions is listed below.

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Position Opening for the Director of the University of Canterbury Quake Centre

This is an exciting opportunity to become the first leader of the newly created UC Quake Centre, in the Department of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering at the University of Canterbury.

  • We seek a business-focused individual with a record of leadership and relationship building and an engineering background to drive growth of the Quake Centre. The ideal candidate will:
  • Have wide experience as a professional engineer in areas related to earthquake engineering
  • Have business and management experience in a relevant field such as construction, consulting, academia, insurance, or infrastructure management
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop strong links with industry partners, universities, government agencies, and the wider community
  • Be an excellent strategic thinker who can turn strategy into action
  • Have the enthusiasm, skills and ability to grow and manage a new organisation into a position of national and international prominence
  • Have proven experience in leveraging relationships to secure on-going financial support
  • Have an understanding of the functioning both of industry and research organisations

For more information about this position, visit University of Canterbury Job Description page here

Build Change opportunities in Haiti

The nonprofit social enterprise Build Change is currently accepting applications for the following positions in its Haiti Earthquake Housing Reconstruction Program:

  1. Chief Operating Officer (Apply Now! Open Until Filled)
  2. Senior Project Manager (Apply Now! Open Until Filled)
  3. Impact Monitoring and Reporting Director (Apply Now! Open Until Filled)
  4. Structural Engineer (Apply Now! Open Until Filled)
  5. Block Manufacturing Program Manager/Social Entrepreneur (Apply Now! Open Until Filled)
  6. Engineering Intern (Apply Now! Open Untill Filled)

For more information, please click here: Join the team