NEHRP Reauthorization Bill

As you may be aware, EERI staff and members of the Public Policy Committee have been working tirelessly on draft language for a bill to reauthorize NEHRP. We urgently need help from supporters who live and/or work in Colorado and Nevada, and are asking for your help to reach them.

Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) office has shared draft NEHRP language with two potential Republican cosponsors in your districts:

• Dean Heller of Nevada (
• Cory Gardner of Colorado (

The reality is, NEHRP reauthorization has almost no chance of passage unless we get at least one Republican cosponsor!

We are asking EERI members in Nevada and Colorado, and any other supporters of NEHRP in these states, to contact their senator explaining why NEHRP reauthorization is important! A sample letter can be found at the end of this message. The senators can be contacted through their websites (above).

Your support will be most helpful if these Senators are contacted before May 5 – Friday!

We urge you to forward this message to your colleagues in Nevada or Colorado who support NEHRP reauthorization and ask them to contact their senator. Many of you have already stepped up and taken action, and we thank you for your support. Every effort, small or large, will make a difference.

Sample email letter to Senators Heller and Gardner (edit to personalize as you wish)
provided by Laura Dwelley Samant, Chair, EERI Public Policy & Advocacy Committee

My name is [name] and I am a [profession] living and working in [Colorado or Nevada]. I am also a member of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (, a national, nonprofit, professional society of engineers, geoscientists, architects, planners, public officials, and social scientists.

I am writing to urge you to cosponsor legislation to reauthorize the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP). NEHRP is a 40-year old program that coordinates and supports the work of key federal agencies to reduce the nation’s earthquake risk. It supports work such as monitoring earthquake shaking, advancing our knowledge about how to design safe buildings, and training the public, emergency responders, and others. The program has led to dramatic reductions in risk and advancements in knowledge, but much work remains to be done. Its authorization expired in 2009. It is essential to support and revitalize this lifesaving, money saving program.

Earthquakes are a national problem and federal leadership is essential to keep our communities safe, our communities resilient, and our economy vibrant and competitive. The NEHRP program is strongly supported by earthquake scientist, engineers, emergency manager, planners and many other community leaders.

[add brief personal information about your work related to earthquakes relevant to CO or NV.]


On behalf of the EERI Staff and the Public Policy Committee, thank you so much for your support!

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