Donate to LFE Endowment Fund

Donate to the LFE Endowment Fund

At our 2019 annual meeting, EERI launched a landmark campaign to raise $4 million for a Learning from Earthquakes Endowment Fund to help us ensure the existence, innovation, and impact of Learning from Earthquakes (LFE) for years to come.

The endowment fund will enable the program to become financially sustainable, expand earthquake reconnaissance efforts, develop innovative programming, and invest in the next generation of leaders. Your support can help us build on LFE’s legacy and secure its future.

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The LFE Endowment Fund is a board designated endowment. While the Board of Directors is legally permitted to spend principal, the LFE Endowment Fund is intended to provide a sustainable level of income to support the Learning from Earthquakes Program of the Institute while maintaining its purchasing power in future years. The EERI Board of Directors has the authority to define what activities and initiatives constitute the LFE program and determine the investing and spending policies applicable to the Fund. In the unlikely event that the LFE program no longer exists or it becomes impossible or impractical to carry out the above purposes, the assets of the LFE Endowment Fund will be used to further EERI’s mission of reducing earthquake risk.

The full amount of your gift will qualify as a charitable contribution for federal tax purposes. EERI’s tax I.D. number is 94-6082215.

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