EERI Annual Graphics Competition Entries


1st Guillaume Roux-Fouillet: Quelques règles pour construire de maisons plus solides (Calendar Extracts) (Complete Calender Art)

2nd Carlos Sousa Olivera, Monica Amaral Ferreira, & Hugo O’Neill: Seismic Risk in Urban Systems (Graphic)

3rd Brad Fleming-Iowa State University: Field experiment for advancing the seismic performance of pile foundations in soft clay (Animation)


All Other Entries:

Ali Syed Mohammed & Fatima Kauer: Emergency Exit (Drawing)

Barry Ralphs & Steve Tipping-Tipping Mar: San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Animation (Animation)

CUREE: Illustration of the Outdoor Exhibition About the Engineering of the Golden Gate Bridge (Animation, Graphic)

Faremeh Kavianipour-University of Nevada, Reno: GFRP Column Formwork (Photo)

Kubilay Hicyilmaz-Arup Gulf Ltd: Dhajji Dewari (Poster)

Mina Rezaeian: EERI Logo (Graphic)

Rene Vignos-FORELL/ELSESSER ENGINEERS, Inc. & Zachary Mitchell (Consultant): Rocking Core Wall (Animation1, Animation 2)

Heidi Faison, Charles Scawthorn, & Pamela Lau-PEER: Fire Following Earthquakes (Handout)

Rachel Simer: Staggered Truss Frames (Animation)

Tim Mote: Map Mosaic (Poster)

Nicolas Luco & Ken Rukstales-USGS: Deriving Ground Motions (Poster)

Judges for the 2012 Annual Graphics Competition were Arzhang Alimoradi, Chris Arnold, Henri Gavin, Michael Germeraad, Martin Koller, Chiara McKenney, Sissy Nikolaou, and Jesse Richins.