Japan & New Zealand NSF RAPIDs Research Needs Workshop





The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) organized, through support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), a research needs workshop for recipients of Japan and New Zealand RAPID awards. The workshop was organized so that recipients:

1) share some of the initial findings from their research projects;

2) have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with other event researchers from a broad range of disciplines; and

3) provide NSF with solid recommendations for emerging research themes, opportunities, and needs.

The workshop included short oral and poster presentations on all RAPID award projects, followed by discipline, cross-discipline and themed breakout discussions to develop recommendations for major research themes and opportunities as they emerge from the investigations of the Japan and New Zealand earthquakes and their impacts.

A primary goal of the workshop was to provide guidance for NSF’s future solicitations for major research needs related to earthquake mitigation, response, recovery, and rebuilding. A report summarizing emerging research themes will be delivered to NSF and published on this page, as well as disseminated as broadly as possible to interested research, recovery, and reconstruction communities.


Attendees of the workshop included over 50 representatives from RAPID projects from institutions across the United States along with NSF program officers. In addition approximately 16 Japanese researchers with J-RAPID awards will be participating as well as several researchers from New Zealand.

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RAPID Posters

The RAPID posters are now available in the RAPID Awards Online Poster Room, hosted courtesy of NEEShub. You may view and download any of the posters in the room.

Abstracts and Bios

Click here to view a PDF that includes all the RAPID award abstracts and a short biography of each Principal Investigator.

Day 1 Presentations

Day 2 Presentations

Breakout #3 By Event Wrap-up / Identification of Next Steps and Future Directions