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Endowment Fund

The EERI Endowment Fund supports innovative projects that ensure the Institute’s continuing leadership in the development and application of new earthquake research. The EERI Endowment Fund depends entirely on the vision and financial support of donors. Please help us support more high-quality projects by making a contribution to the EERI Endowment Fund.


Learning From Earthquakes

The ability to make observations rapidly and precisely following a disaster has long been recognized as critical to managing emergency response activities in the short term and improving the understanding of natural hazards in the long term. Participating in earthquake reconnaissance is a vivid reminder of why we are actively engaged in earthquake engineering and risk management.


The World Housing Encyclopedia

The World Housing Encyclopedia (WHE) is an Encyclopedia of Housing Construction in Seismically Active Areas of the World. The Goal of WHE is to share knowledge on housing construction practices, encourage use of earthquake-resistant technologies, and to develop guidelines and technical resources for improving seismically vulnerable construction.


The Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition Fund

EERI will be hosting the 7th Annual Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition in Memphis, Tennessee in conjunction with the National Earthquake Conference (NEC), April 10-14, 2012. The participating undergraduates are truly the future of our profession. Expenses related to the competition, including travel and lodging expenses for 15-20 student teams, can run as much as $50,000.


The Student or Younger Member Participation in the EERI Annual Meeting Fund

Help a student or younger member travel to and participate in EERI’s next Annual Meeting.