More information about Public Policy


Where can I get more information about public policy?

“Public Policy and Building Safety”Marjorie Greene, editor; January 1996, 57 ppA white paper written for building officials and engineers involved in incorporating social, economic, and political considerations in decisions about building safety.

“Earthquake Risk Reduction: Addressing the Unmet Challenges”A White Paper prepared by an EERI Working Group; January 2008, 32 pp.

“Construction Quality, Education, and Seismic Safety”Cynthia A. Hoover, Marjorie R. Greene, eds; April 1996, 68 pp. This white paper addresses a topic of critical importance to everyone involved in designing, constructing, and inspecting buildings so they perform successfully in an earthquake.

“Ethical issues and Earthquake Risk Reduction”Prepared by Tim Healy and the EERI Seismic Ethics Committee; January 1998, 70 pp. This white paper, based on the premise that ethics are important but often unacknowledged in earthquake risk reduction, is intended as a resource to help professionals recognize, understand, and apply ethical principles in their work.

“Financial management of Earthquake Risk”Prepared by the Committee for the Project on Financial Decisions and Catastrophe Risk; February 2000, 128 pp.

“Examples of Successful Seismic Safety Advocates”, Robert B. Olshansky, writer; 2003, 73 pp.