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Ethical Issues and Earthquake Risk Reduction

Ethical Issues and Earthquake Risk Reduction. Prepared by Tim Healy and the EERI Seismic Ethics Committee (Bret Lizundia, Craig D. Comartin, Eldon Gath, Joanne M. Nigg, L. Thomas Tobin, Marjorie Greene). This white paper, based on the premise that ethics are important but often unacknowledged in earthquake risk reduction, is intended as a resource to help professionals recognize, understand, and apply ethical principles in their work. The paper addresses major paradigms of applied ethics, including individual rights, fairness or justice, utilitarianism, and the common good and virtue, using examples that relate these paradigms to dilemmas that arise in earthquake risk reduction. A small workshop was held as part of the project, and observations and discussions from that workshop are summarized in the paper. The paper also contains recommendations for future directions for the broader earthquake community. January 1998, 70 pp.


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