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Earthquake Engineering from Engineering Seismology to Performance-Based Engineering

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Edited by Yousef Bozorgnia and Vitelmo V. Bertero. Performance-based engineering, use of energy dissipating devices and structural control, earthquake-resistant design, and other techniques in earthquake engineering have come of age in the last decade. Following a brief overview of traditional methods, this book presents the details of these recent advances in a single volume, elucidating advances in scientific knowledge, summarizing recent research project findings, covering design guidelines, and discussing the future challenges and directions.

The multidisciplinary nature of earthquake engineering is reflected in the diversity of the chapter authors. The book is the result of an enormous amount of time and energy spent by a panel of distinguished contributors whose collective experience exceeds 500 years of teaching, research, and practice. 1024 pages. Published by the International Code Council.

  • Presents recent advances in engineering seismology, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, and engineering characterization of ground motions.
  • Explores methods of computer structural analysis.
  • Addresses the fundamental and practical issues in performance-based earthquake engineering.
  • Includes a discussion of theoretical and practical issues of seismic isolation.

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