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Soil Liquefaction During Earthquakes

by I. M. Idriss and R. W. Boulanger.

This 237-page monograph updates a subject area covered in the 1982 classic text used around the world, Ground Motions and Soil Liquefaction During Earthquakes, by H. Bolton Seed and I.M. Idriss. The new publication will fills a need for a thorough synthesis — in one accessible resource for students, practicing engineers, and other professionals — of progress in the study of liquefaction since 1982. The following areas are covered: • Fundamentals of liquefaction behavior: a framework for a common understanding of the development and limitations of various engineering analytical procedures. • Liquefaction triggering analysis: methods for evaluating the potential for liquefaction triggering. • Consequences and mitigation of liquefaction: examples of lateral spreading and post-liquefaction settlement analyses, the use of factors of safety in engineering practice, mitigation strategies, and methods for ground improvement. • Cyclic softening of saturated clays: engineering procedures for evaluating the potential performance of cohesive fine-grained soils.


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