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Soil Liquefaction During Earthquakes (ebook)

by I. M. Idriss and R. W. Boulanger. See drop-down menu below for discounts for seminar attendees and EERI members.

This 237-page monograph updates a subject area covered in the 1982 classic text used around the world, Ground Motions and Soil Liquefaction During Earthquakes, by H. Bolton Seed and I.M. Idriss. The new publication fills a need for a thorough synthesis — in one accessible resource for students, practicing engineers, and other professionals — of progress in the study of liquefaction since 1982. The following areas are covered: • Fundamentals of liquefaction behavior: a framework for a common understanding of the development and limitations of various engineering analytical procedures. • Liquefaction triggering analysis: methods for evaluating the potential for liquefaction triggering. • Consequences and mitigation of liquefaction: examples of lateral spreading and post-liquefaction settlement analyses, the use of factors of safety in engineering practice, mitigation strategies, and methods for ground improvement. • Cyclic softening of saturated clays: engineering procedures for evaluating the potential performance of cohesive fine-grained soils.


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