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The (almost) Complete Set of Monographs

The (almost) Complete Set of Monographs Includes 8 monographs! The monographs provide background and insight on the basics of earthquake engineering that may be of value to readers from different specialties or disciplines than the authors. Each is authored by nationally recognized experts. They are not intended to provide an exhaustive discussion of the subjects covered, but rather to point out the essential elements in a manner that can be understood by readers with no particular familiarity in the field. As such, the monograph series is a valuable tool for students of earthquake engineering.

Set includes:

(MNO-3) Earthquake Spectra and Design. Nathan M. Newmark and William J. Hall. 1982, 103 pp.
(MNO-4) Earthquake Design Criteria. G. W. Housner and P. C. Jennings. 1982, 140 pp.
(MNO-7) An Introduction to the Seismicity of the United States. S. T. Algermissen. 1983, 148 pp. In revision. Hardcover out of print, paperback reproduction available.
(MNO-8) Seismic Design with Supplemental Energy Dissipation Devices. R. D. Hanson and T. T. Soong. 2001, 149 pp.
(MNO-9) Fundamentals of Seismic Protection for Bridges. M. Yashinsky and M. J. Karshenas. 2003, 184 pp.
(MNO-10) Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis. R. K. McGuire. 2004, 240 pp.
(MNO-11) Earthquake Dynamics of Structures, A Primer. 2nd Edition. A. K. Chopra. 2005, 141 pp.
(MNO-12) Soil Liquefaction During Earthquakes. I. M. Idriss and R. W. Boulanger. 2008, 262 pp.

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