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7th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering

Contains over 450 papers presented in 67 sessions at the July 21-25, 2002 conference in Boston, Massachusetts, on the theme "Urban Earthquake Risk". Organized by topic under the following 17 areas: advanced technology awareness, awareness and education, bridges, design criteria, engineering practice, ground motions, geotechnical structures, loss estimation, lifelines, lessons from recent earthquakes, NEES: experimental facilities, other issues, panel sessions, response and recovery, seismic code issues, social issues, and structures. Contains a comprehensive table of contents and author index. Available in print or on CD-ROM: The printed version is hardcover, 5 vols., and 4500 pp. Orders for the CD-ROM will be accompanied by the 600-page paperbound Abstract Volume until the volume is out of stock.

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