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9th U.S. National & 10th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering (9USN/10CCEE): Reaching Beyond Borders, Proceedings DVD-ROM

DVD-ROM Compte Rendu: 9ième Conférence Nationale Américaine et 10ième Conférence Canadienne de Génie Parasismique: Au delà des Frontières • July 25-29, 2010 • Toronto, Ontario, Canada •

Includes the 4th International Tsunami Symposium • The 9USN/10CCEE fulfilled its theme of "Reaching Beyond Borders," with participants from 48 countries all over the world. The Proceedings DVD-ROM contains the full text of approximately 775 state-of-the-art papers, including those written by the 6 invited plenary speakers. Papers are text searchable and indexed by author, title, topic, paper number, and session. Also included on the DVD are the Conference Program and lists of sponsors and exhibitors.

Sponsoring organizations: Earthquake Engineering Research Institute • Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering/L'Association Canadienne du Génie Parasismique

PRIMARY AND SUBTOPIC AREAS: • GROUND MOTION, SEISMICITY, SEISMIC HAZARD ASSESSMENT, AND SEISMIC RISK ○ Ground Motion ○ Seismicity ○ Seismic Hazard Assessment ○ Seismic Risk ○ Multi-Hazard Effects and Considerations • SOILS, FOUNDATIONS, SOIL-STRUCTURE INTERACTION AND SOIL STABILITY ○ Soil Characterization and Dynamic Soil Properties ○ Building Structures and Foundations, including Passive Isolation ○ Soil-Structure Interaction ○ Soil Stability • BUILDINGS, STRUCTURAL AND NONSTRUCTURAL SYSTEMS ○ Reinforced Concrete Buildings ○ Masonry Buildings ○ Steel Buildings ○ Wood Buildings ○ Design Criteria: Seismic Design Codes, including Performance-Based Design ○ Practice: Design and Construction ○ Nonstructural Components ○ Repair and Retrofit of Structures and Foundations ○ Experimental Research ○ Numerical Research • BRIDGE STRUCTURES ○ Bridge Design Criteria: Seismic Design Codes including Performance-Based Design ○ Practice: Design and Construction of Bridges ○ Bridge Structures and Foundations including Passive Isolation • LIFELINES ○ Lifelines ○ Pipelines ○ Dams, levees, ports ○ Urban and regional networks and systems • SEISMIC ISOLATION, ENERGY DISSIPATION AND CONTROL SYSTEMS ○ Seismic Isolation ○ Energy Dissipation ○ Active Control • POST-EARTHQUAKE RESPONSE, DAMAGE ASSESSMENT, AND RECOVERY ○ Post-Earthquake Response ○ Damage Assessment and Recovery ○ Tools for Reconnaissance • SOCIO-ECONOMIC ISSUES, EDUCATION, AND PUBLIC POLICY ○ Socio-Economic Issues ○ Education ○ Public Policy ○ Urban and Regional Design ○ Seismic Awareness ○ Preparedness ○ Risk Analysis and Risk Management ○ Loss Estimation and Modeling ○ Community Resilience • LESSONS LEARNED FROM RECENT EARTHQUAKES • EXPERIMENTAL METHODS, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, AND COLLABORATIVE TOOLS ○ New Test Methods ○ Hybrid Simulation ○ Information Technology ○ Data Archiving and Curation ○ Collaborative Research Tools • EARTHQUAKE AND MULTIPLE HAZARD DESIGN • TSUNAMI SYMPOSIUM ○ Tsunami Instrumentation and Warning Systems ○ Tsunami Risk Analysis ○ Tsunami Engineering ○ Experimental Modeling of Tsunami ○ Numerical Modeling of Tsunami ○ Tsunami Preparedness •

Creation of the Proceedings DVD-ROM supported by FEMA/U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

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