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Oral History Series Vol. 03 Pregnoff & Rinne

Connections: The EERI Oral History Series, Michael V. Pregnoff, John E. Rinne. Stanley Scott, interviewer. This third book in the Connections series combines the interviews with two fascinating figures in the field of earthquake engineering. Michael Pregnoff, who arrived in the U.S. in 1922 with his Russian degree in engineering but no English, mentored the next earthquake engineering generation years later. His innovative system of ratings, using the Mercalli intensity scale to describe expected seismic performance of buildings during future earthquakes, was adopted in the 1975 University of California Seismic Safety Policy still in effect today. His oral history spells out his philosophy of good engineering practice.

Throughout his career, John Rinne played a remarkable leadership role in earthquake engineering and in professional organizations. He was active in EERI in its early years and was elected its president in 1966. In 1948-51, he was chairman of the ASCE/SEAONC joint committee that produced in the 1951 a landmark ASCE document called Separate 66. The document firmly established the dynamic basis for earthquake analysis of structures and building code design requirements.

The interviews were conducted from 1986 through 1988. November 1996, 164 pp.

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The intent of the EERI oral history project is to publish a series of interviews with prominent figures in the field of earthquake engineering to preserve some of the rich history of those who have pioneered in shaping seismic design theory and practice.

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