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Oral History Series Vol. 15 LeRoy Crandall

This oral history covers LeRoy Crandall's innovative and visionary career as head of LeRoy Crandall and Associates, the most prominent geotechnical consulting firm in southern California for decades. An inspiring leader, Crandall was known as the King of Downtown Los Angeles and Mr. High Rise. He was the geotechnical engineer for almost every high-rise building in downtown Los Angeles and other areas in southern California during the heyday of tall buildings in the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and into the 90s. Crandall pioneered the use of tied-back shoring in southern California, which made possible very deep excavations for the new high-rise buildings when Los Angeles eliminated the 13-story height limit in the 1950s. He was also involved with the planning and development of the first base-isolated building in the United States, the Foothill Communities Law and Justice Center in Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino County, California, not far from the San Andreas fault. He encouraged participation in professional societies and giving to the community. He was heavily involved with the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California and served on the Board of Directors of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the American Council of Engineering Companies. He was instrumental in the establishment of the ASCE Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering. He was an early supporter of the California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program and was appointed to the California Seismic Safety Commission by Governor Jerry Brown and reappointed by Governor Ronald Reagan.

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The intent of the EERI oral history project is to publish a series of interviews with prominent figures in the field of earthquake engineering to preserve some of the rich history of those who have pioneered in shaping seismic design theory and practice.

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