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Oral History Series Vol. 16 Vitelmo V. Bertero

This oral history covers the remarkable life and brilliant career of Vitelmo V. Bertero, professor emeritus of civil engineering at the University of California at Berkeley. He is recognized worldwide among his peers as a legend in the broad field of earthquake engineering, because of his lifelong efforts to improve concrete and steel construction in seismic regions around the world through his inspired teaching and research. The book covers Bertero’s early years in Argentina, his military service during World War II, and his college years as well as his professional life. His extensive studies of the nonlinear behavior of structures included the correlation of advanced analytical techniques with actual performance in damaging earthquakes. He became a specialist in defining analytical models for use in conducting seismic performance evaluations. He emphasized the importance of treating the complete structural system in developing a sound seismically resistant design, including consideration of architectural, geotechnical, and construction issues. He has received more than 70 awards and honors for his teaching and publications on the seismic-resistant design of structures, and has authored more than 360 papers and reports on this subject. Robert Reitherman, Interviewer.

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The intent of the EERI oral history project is to publish a series of interviews with prominent figures in the field of earthquake engineering to preserve some of the rich history of those who have pioneered in shaping seismic design theory and practice.

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