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Brief Synopsis of Major Contributions of the LFE Program

This report summarizes some of the LFE Program’s recent contributions and addresses its broader impacts prepared under the direction of the 2004 Learning from Earthquakes Advisory Committee, R. Jay Love, chair. Many important advances in engineering, earth sciences, public policy, and the social sciences have resulted from initial observations made by LFE reconnaissance teams sent to investigate the impacts of earthquakes. These advances include increased understanding of the basic science of earthquake ground motions and fault mechanics; fundamental changes in our building codes and construction practices, based on observations of building performance in earthquakes; and improved procedures in preparedness, response and recovery. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the LFE Program has provided benchmarks, education, and calibration and verification of methods to nearly every earthquake engineering research activity. The report includes an appendix detailing all investigations supported from 1973 to 2004. September 2004, 30 pp.


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