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Post Earthquake Investigation Field Guide

Post Earthquake Investigation Field Guide. The new edition of the LFE field guide grew out of the many helpful comments provided by participants in the EERI Earthquake Reconnaissance Team Training Workshop held in San Francisco in 1994. This latest version, which replaces the 1991 Earthquake Response Plan and Field Guide, was also revised to take into account research needs that have come to light in recent earthquakes in California and Japan. The guide covers a great variety of subjects from geosciences to engineering, emergency management, and social sciences. It emphasizes careful advance planning, outlines procedures for team coordination, describes responsibilities of project participants, and offers guidelines for specific data collection in the field. It contains various forms, international information sources and contact names, pre-departure checklist, and recommendations for further research. Although prepared primarily for EERI reconnaissance teams, the guide can be a useful tool for anyone involved in post-earthquake investigation. The Sections of this Guide are available as free downloadable PDFs on the following page:


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