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Soil and Structure Response to Earthquakes (4 DVDs)

A lecture series available on four 100-minute videotapes. The videotapes were recorded in black and white during live presentations at the University of Southern California on November 8, 15, 29, and Decmber 6, 1979. In capsule form, these lectures present: (1) the fundamentals of structural dynamics as related to earthquake engineering; and (2) three areas of recent prgoress in earthquake engineering technology. The series is designed to help practicing engineers and government officials embrace their ability to evaluate and resolve earthquake engineering problems. NTSC-VHS format only.

Lecture 1: Understanding and Predicting Soil Behavior, H. Bolton Seed.
Lecture 2: Introduction to Structural Dynamics, A. K. Chopra.
Lecture 3: Understanding and Predicting Structural Behavior, P. C. Jennings.
Lecture 4: Soil-Structure Interaction, A. S. Veletsos.

This Video is also available in VHS-NTSC format.


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