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ES 13:4 (Nov 1997) Loss Estimation

Theme Issue: Loss Estimation, Thalia Anagnos, ed. The field of earthquake loss estimation is currently in an exciting stage of development. Advances in software and computer technology, database management programs, networking and access to the Internet, and improved data collection in recent earthquakes are all contributing to the development of models to better assess the performance of structures, the types and extent of economic losses, casualties, and other social impacts. Estimates of earthquake loss are needed for a variety of purposes, including emergency response, risk management, and hazard mitigation. This theme issue brings together some of the current advances in the loss estimation field, highlighting the enormous progress that has been made in recent years and pointing to a number of avenues that still need to be explored to make earthquake loss estimation techniques more useful. The articles in this theme issue highlight ongoing projects and new technologies. A number of papers describe specific loss estimation that makes use of GIS technology. Examples from throughout the US as well as Portugal and Colombia are discussed. November 1997, 307 pp.

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