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ES 16:Sup A (Dec 2000) Kocaeli, Turkey, Earthquake of August 18, 1999

Kocaeli, Turkey, Earthquake of August 18, 1999, Reconnaissance Report

This final, comprehensive 457-page report contains the conclusions emerging a year after the magnitude 7.4 Kocaeli earthquake of August 17, 1999, and the 7.1 Duzce earthquake of November 12, 1999. The 7.4 event struck along the western industrial heartland of Turkey along the northernmost strand of the North Anatolian fault system, one of the most active plate boundaries in the world. It caused more than 17,000 deaths, thousands of injuries, and left more than 500,000 homeless. It includes many photographs, figures, and observations on seismicity, fault rupture, tsunami, strong motion, ground failure and geotechnical effects, response of structures and industrial facilities, building code enforcement, lifelines, societal impacts, and emergency response. Included with the report is an 18” x 36” color Regional Fault Rupture Map. Guest editors: T. Leslie Youd, Jean-Pierre Bardet, and Jonathan D. Bray.

This report is also available electronically: order CD.

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