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ES 19:2 (May 2003) Welded Steel Moment-frame Structures

Theme Issue of Earthquake Spectra on Welded Steel Moment-Frame Structures Available from EERI

This 233-page special issue on the Evaluation, Repair and Seismic Design of Welded Steel Moment-Frame Structures is an excellent reference document that summarizes the major results and recommendations generated by the FEMA-funded SAC Steel Program. Initiated in response to damage caused by the 1994 Northridge earthquake, the six-year SAC program was intended to improve the seismic performance of all steel buildings and resulted in reports that have made a significant impact on earthquake engineering practice.

Edited by Douglas Foutch and James Malley, the volume begins with an overview of the entire program and then explores the program’s major documents that are now in use by practicing structural engineers on projects across the United States. Also covered are damage estimation tools that can be used for steel moment-frame buildings, a case study of steel building rehabilitatio, and a summary of parallel efforts in Europe. The information in this issue is valuable to design professionals, building officials, and construction companies throughout the United States and in countries all over the world. May 2003, 233 pp.

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