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ES 24:1 (Feb 2008) The Next Generation Attenuation Special Issue

This much-anticipated 341-page special issue of Earthquake Spectra (24:1, February 2008) presents the principal results of the Next Generation of Attenuation (NGA) Relations Project, an applied research program conducted over a five-year period to develop improved earthquake ground motion attenuation relations (ground motion prediction equations, or GMPEs) for shallow crustal earthquakes in the western United States and similar active tectonic regions. Containing many color figures, the unique compilation of 13 articles covers the NGA project process, components, and products, including the NGA database, which can be used in many earthquake research and applications projects, and the five NGA GMPEs. The issue also features a comparison of the principal features and results of the GMPEs and describes the development of nonlinear site amplification factors, which helped guide the modeling of nonlinear soil amplification effects in GMPEs. Also described are a model that can be used to modify NGA GMPEs for near-source directivity effects, the development of a basin amplification model used in the formulation of basin depth effects, and the correlations across periods and orientations of ground motion predictions from the NGA GMPEs. Lastly, the issue presents an evaluation of differences between the maximum horizontal component of ground motions and the average horizontal component used in the GMPEs. Guest editors: Jonathan P. Stewart, Ralph J. Archuleta, and Maurice S. Power. The issue was underwritten by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (PEER) with financial support provided by the California Department of Transportation.

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