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ASCE-41 and FEMA-351 Evaluation of E-Defense Collapse Test

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By Bruce F. Maison, Kazuhiko Kasai, and Gregory Deierlein, A welded steel moment-frame building is used to assess performance-based engineering guidelines. The full-scale four-story building was shaken to collapse on the E-Defense shake table in Japan. The collapse mode was a side-sway mechanism in the first story, which occurred in spite of a strong-column and weak-beam design. Computer analyses were conducted to simulate the building response during the experiment. The building was then evaluated using the Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings (ASCE-41) and Seismic Evaluation and Upgrade Criteria for Existing Welded Steel Moment-Frame Buildings (FEMA-351) for the collapse prevention performance level via linear and nonlinear procedures. The guidelines had mixed results regarding the characterization of collapse, and no single approach was superior. They mostly erred on the safe side by predicting collapse at shaking intensities less than that in the experiment. Recommendations are made for guideline improvements. November 2009, 27 pages.


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