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Research on Improving the Design of Steel Braced Frames

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Research on Improving the Design and Analysis of Earthquake-Resistant Steel Braced Frames, Rafael Sabelli.

This report examines the system-level performance of concentrically braced frame buildings subjected to severe ground motions, with the goals of (1) understanding the structural and ground motion characteristics that control behavior, and (2) assessing current design and analysis procedures, proposing modifications where appropriate. Sabelli has carried out a series of nonlinear dynamic analyses, examining the behavior of concentrically braced frames having conventional braces and buckling-restrained braces (a type of high-performance hysteretic brace). He recommends modifications to current building code provisions. In his opinion, the SAC Steel Project’s study of the steel moment-resisting frame system, with its performance-based methodology, can serve as a model for studying the frequently employed braced-frame system. Sabelli’s research was conducted under the guidance of Professor Steve Mahin of the University of California at Berkeley. October 2001, 154 pp.


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