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Seismic Retrofit Policies

Seismic Retrofit Policies: An Evaluation of Local Practices in Zone 4 and Their Application to Zone 3. Cynthia A. Hoover. The report is a result of six months research on California seismic retrofit policies with an attempt to develop recommendations for use in areas of moderate seismic hazard. June 1992, 95 pp.

Under a cooperative agreement established with FEMA, the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute awards annually -- since 1992 -- a professional fellowship to provide an opportunity for a practicing professional to gain greater skills and broader expertise in earthquake hazards reduction either by enhancing knowledge in the Fellow's own field, or by broadening his or her education in a related, but unfamiliar discipline. This unique fellowship is designed to bring together experienced practitioners with the academic professionals in order to broaden the research base with challenges faced in practice.


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