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ES 05:S1 (Aug 1989) Armenia Earthquake of December 7, 1988

Armenia Earthquake of December 7, 1988. Reconnaissance Report.

The M6.8 earthquake and the M5.9 aftershock four minutes later that struck near the town of Spitak in northern Armenia caused an estimated 25,000 deaths, required 20,000 people to be hospitalized, destroyed 72 modern nine-story precast concrete frame buildings, and damaged another 60 beyond repair. This report covers seismology, surface faulting, ground motion, geotechnical aspects, performance of engineered structures, construction codes and standards, industrial facilities, lifelines, search and rescue, social impact and emergency response, medical and healthcare aspects, and conclusions that focus on specific lessons to be learned from the building collapses that caused catastrophic loss of life. The report was cosponsored by NAS, NSF, FHWA, FEMA, and the USGS. Guest editors Loring A. Wyllie Jr. and John R. Filson. 175 pp.


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